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4-H Livestock Show Schedule - December 13

Show Objectives:
1.      To offer 4-H members an educational opportunity to show their animal projects in a   
       show ring.
2.      To offer showmanship and Quality Counts education for exhibitors.
3.      Offer feedback from professional judges on showmanship and animal.
4.      Encourage quality production of market animals.

The 4-H Livestock Show is Saturday, December 13th. Here's the schedule:

7:00 a.m.
Gates/Barns open
8:00 a.m.
CATTLE, GOATS, LAMBS, SWINE check in; weigh and classify your own animals; turn in weight/breed cards to Livestock Office
9:00 a.m.
DUE: Weight/breed cards for SWINE and LAMBS
10:00 a.m.
SHOW OPENS – All exhibitors to show ring for the Pledge, 4-H Pledge, Motto and Prayer
10:00 a.m.
DUE: Weight/breed cards for STEERS
10:15 a.m.
BREEDING RABBIT SHOW (Fancies and Meat Breeds)
11:00 a.m.
DUE: Weight cards for GOATS

Show Order:             RING A                                   RING B
                                SWINE                                     LAMBS
                                STEERS                                   GOATS

Rules and Guidelines are posted on our web site at:

Houston Livestock Show Scholarships!

Thirty new $18,000 scholarships have been added to the Show’s total giving this year. These scholarships will be limited to the designated areas of participation and we look forward to expanding this effort in the future.  What great news for all 4-H'ers!

La Quinta Discount for 4-H Supporters

Beekeeping Essay - Due


National Cash Prizes to 3 Top Winners:
1st Place: $750.00
2nd Place: $500.00
3rd Place: $250.00

National Contest Sponsored by: The Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees, Inc.
Texas Cash Prizes to 3 Top Winners
1st Place: $300.00
2nd Place: $200.00
3rd Place: $100.00

Texas Contest Sponsored by: Alamo Area Beekeepers Assn., Central Texas Beekeepers Assn., Collin County Hobby Beekeepers Assn., Concho Valley Beekeepers Assn., Dino-Bee Beekeepers Assn., East Texas Beekeepers Assn., Harris County Beekeepers Assn., Marshall Beekeeping Assn., Trinity Valley Beekeepers Assn., and Williamson County Area Beekeepers Assn.

TOPIC: For the 2015 essay contest, the essay topic is:

“Planting for Bees from Backyards and Up”

Beekeeping has become difficult due to a lack of native plants for forage. In this essay, you will be required to discuss ways that habitats can be modified to become “bee friendly” Does your community allow roadsides and open land to grow wildflowers and encourage native planting of bee friendly plants?

Survey your community to see what is being done to help honeybees. Include your state in your survey to see if there is a wildflower planting program available or any other program that could aid the honey bee.

The scope of the research is an essential judging criterion, accounting for 40% of your score. The number of sources consulted, the authority of the sources, and the variety of the sources are all evaluated.

Personal interviews with beekeepers and others familiar with the subject are valued sources of information and should be documented. Sources, which are not cited in the endnotes, should be listed in a “Resources” or “Bibliography” list.

Note that “honey bee” is properly spelled as two words, even though many otherwise authoritative references spell it as one word


For more information, go to:

Texas 4-H Dog Show - Time to validate your dogs!

The Texas 4-H Dog Show will be at the Bell County Expo in Belton, Texas on July 10-12, 2015. 4-H Dog projects must be validated by January 10, 2015 to be eligible to enter.   The validation system is now open on 4-H Connect.

You will log into your 4-H profile, click on the Animal tab and fill out the information.  You will need to upload photo.  There is not cost for Dog Validation at this time and as usual you are encouraged to validate all the dogs they might consider showing.

San Antonio Stock Show Tour Guides Needed!

The San Antonio Stock Show is looking for enthusiastic, responsible students in grades 9 through 12 to take part in this unique leadership opportunity. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to develop and practice the leadership skills that we strive to develop in our youth. The San Antonio Livestock Exposition, Inc. is "A Volunteer Organization that Emphasizes Agriculture and Education to Develop the Youth of Texas." 

Tour guides are given the opportunity to educate school children about agriculture and sustainability. Tour Guides assist in educating the students about agriculture and its valued importance, while sharpening their leadership and responsibility skills. Tours last 2 to 2-1/2 hours.
During the tour, students will visit a number of areas where they can view exhibits and demonstrations. Animal Adventures, Dairy Center and the Horse Center are just a few of the areas students will visit to learn more about agriculture through interactive hands-on displays and view live farm animals that include: cattle, swine, sheep, goat, poultry and horses The tour also visit the Family Fair area of the grounds. This area has additional exhibits, live entertainment and petting zoos.

- Tuesday, February 17, 2015
- Wednesday, February 18, 2015
- Thursday, February 19, 2015
- Friday, February 20, 2015
- Monday, February 23, 2015
- Tuesday, February 24, 2015
- Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Please call (830-620-3440) or email Janet ( with your name and the day you want to guide tours by Friday, December 12th.

A few things to remember:
- Check your school schedule to make sure you are available to guide tours on the day you select. No changes will be made after the schedule is submitted.
- Do NOT schedule yourself for a day you will sift, classify or show an animal or compete in a contest!
- Students must commit to school tours from 7:45 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. on their tour day.
- This will be an excused absence from school if you are passing. (No pass, no play applies here, too!)
- School tours happen regardless of the weather, so dress accordingly.  

Gruene Kountry October Meeting

Gruene Kountry 4-H Club met on October 12 for our regular meeting and to do our One Day 4-H Project.  We meet at the historic Mission Valley Community Center (a former one-room school house) on Mission Valley Road.  For our project we did landscaping and planted some plants in the flower beds around the property, as well as picked up trash, sticks, and rocks.  We also collected canned goods which were donated to the SOS Food Bank in New Braunfels.  There were 18 members and 12 adults and guests present.  The photo is of the club standing next to the community center with our gardening tools.

Comal County Food Show Results

The 2014 Comal County 4-H Food Show was held on Saturday, November 15th at the Bulverde Spring Branch Library and fourteen 4-H'ers participated.

Junior Fruits & Vegetables
Peyton Wirebaugh - 1st

Junior Protein
Wyatt Edwards - 1st
Raleigh Rahe - 2nd

Intermediate Dairy
Kenzy Hoffmann - 1st

Intermediate Fruits & Vegetables
Presley Wirebaugh - 1st
Nahalie Stidhem - 2nd

Intermediate Grains
Helena MacCrossan - 1st
Reagan Hoffmann - 2nd

Intermediate Protein
Kylee Edwards - 1st

Senior Dairy
Kaitlyn Smith - 1st

Senior Fruits & Vegetables
Zoe Lovelady - 1st

Senior Grains
Kimberly Phelan - 1st

Senior Protein
Shelby Steinbach - 1st
Clay Hoffmann - 2nd

Those who placed 1st in their division will go on to District 10 competition December 13th at Texas State University. Good luck to all of these winners!

Comal County Food Challenge

Contest Date: Saturday, November 22, 2014

Location: Tye Preston Library, 16311 S. Access Road, Canyon Lake, TX 78133


Heat 1, teams arrive at 11:00 am to check in boxes:
Junior Team Sherwood Chefs
Senior Team Charlie’s Angels
Senior Team Controlled Chaos

Heat 2, teams arrive at 12:00 pm to check in boxes:
Junior Team Cooking Queens
Junior Team The Fabulous Five
Junior Team The Noodle Ninjas
Junior Team Recipe Wranglers

Heat 3, teams arrive at 1:15 pm to check in boxes:
Intermediate Team Good Food & A Dude
Intermediate Team Home Chefs
Intermediate Team Nutrition Avengers
Intermediate Team Pink Avocados

Intermediate Team The Team From Green

We would like to start each heat as soon as possible after all boxes are checked in and the facilities are prepared. Judging will immediately follow the 40 minute contest period. Results will be announced after judging is complete after each heat, except the Junior results will be announced after the completion of judging of all the Junior teams in heat 1 and 2. After the awards presentations, teams make take their supply boxes and leave.