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If you have questions about the information posted below, send an email to the Comal County office of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service at or call (830) 620-3440. View the web site:

Validation Dates for 2017-2018

4-H LAMB & GOAT VALIDATION: Thursday, October 19th - 12 noon to 5:00 p.m. - at the new barn at Smithson Valley High School

4-H SWINE VALIDATION: Thursday, November 16th - 1 - 4 p.m., Extension swine barn

Thank you!

Enroll in 4-H now (except 3rd graders!)

Enrollment is now open for the 2017-2018 4-H Year. For those in 2 Rivers, CCLS, Claybusters, Horse Club, Sherwood, Dog Club or Rabbit Club - PLEASE WAIT. Chartering is not complete for those clubs, yet. We will let you know when you can enroll!

NOTE: All 3rd graders joining for the first time do need to wait until after September 1st in order for the enrollment system not to declare you a Clover Kid for the year.

Citizenship Washington Focus & Leadership Washington Focus

Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) & Leadership Washington Focus (LWF) are 4-H leadership and civic programs that take place at the National 4-H Conference Center, just one mile from the Washington, D.C. border. CWF is designed for youth ages 14-19, while LWF is designed for youth entering grades 7 through 9. Both programs are widely recognized as the foremost citizenship and leadership experiences for youth in 4-H. Summer of 2017 was remarkable and life changing, 2018 is guaranteed to be just as awesome!

Registration for CWF and LWF 2018 is still open!

About Citizenship Washington Focus

CWF is more than a Washington DC field trip - it's an opportunity for 4-H'ers to learn how to be citizen leaders and make a difference in their communities. During their week, participants will:
  • Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at our nation's capital and get a chance to meet members of Congress.
  • Develop communication, leadership, and citizenship skills through hands-on learning and group activities
  • Build new and lasting friendships

About Leadership Washington Focus

LWF is a 4-H leadership program for youth entering grades 7 through 9. During their week, participants will:
  • Build confidence and motivational skills to lead others in meaningful action
  • Practice effective inter-personal communication skills through group discussions and public speaking
  • Experience hands-on learning using the historical backdrop of Washington, DC

County-Wide Club Officer Training - August 15th

If you were elected to an officer position in your 4-H club, county-wide club officer training is being held Tuesday, August 15th from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the Extension Meeting Room.

If you plan to attend (and want to eat pizza!), RSVP by NOON on Tuesday, so we can have enough materials and pizza on hand to feed you!

Youth All Breed Rabbit Show - November 18th

2017-2018 State 4-H Photography Contest - Due March 15, 2018

Photos can be sent to - DUE March 15, 2018.  Send each photograph in a separate email, with the appropriate category in the email's subject line.  Janet will respond to each email, so you know it was received. Photos will be judged on the county level, as we can only send one per category from our county; those winning will be notified to put their photographs on 4-H Connect for entry in the state contest. This is a stand-alone contest, and does not have anything to do with the District Photography Contest. OPEN TO SENIOR-AGED 4-H'ers ONLY (grades 9-12).

The 2017-2018 State 4-H Photography Contest rules are posted on our web site - CLICK HERE - or you will be able to see them on-line at the following site:  

Highlights of significant changes for 2017-2018 include:
  • Significant changes in the categories which photographs can be entered.  The categories for 2017-2018 are:
  1. Animals – Domestic
  2. Animals – Wildlife (this category will now include aquatic and marine animals)
  3. Catch-All (this category should not be used to enter photos that clearly align to another one of the categories).  It is designed for misc photos which do not clearly fit into another category.
  4. Details & Macro
  5. Dominant Color
  6. Elements of Design
  7. Enhanced (NEW) – formally the Digital Darkroom category
  8. Food
  9. Landscape & Nature
  10. Motion/Action (NEW) – photo capturing movement within a single photo
  11. People
  12. Plant/Flora
  13. Sports – photo that captures individual or team sports. 
  14. Theme – the theme for 2017-2018 is “BACKYARD.”  This creative category will feature photos what one would see when stepping out into your back yard.
  15. Travel & Place (NEW) - category includes images that express the joys and adventures of travel photography, showcasing place as an important part of the photo. 
  • Changes in the resolution and size of photographs:

  1. Resolution must be a minimum of 300 dpi high quality (print quality).
  2. Photograph size must be 3:2 (4”X6”) or 5:4 (8”x10”) ratio (either landscape or portrait)

Southern Meat Pen & Single Fryer Classic

San Angelo Shootout!

First archery event at the San Angelo Shootout in the books! In fact, it is the first time that an archery tournament has been held at a Texas rodeo. Jason Welch placed 2nd in the adult fun shoot. Jacy Welch placed 2nd in Junior Barebow. Miranda Horak placed 2nd in Senior NASP. Layne Horak placed 1st in Intermediate NASP. Liam Lambert shot in Junior Compound Aided. 

Way to go Comal County!

Gruene Kountry's SET Project Begins!

To kick off our Science, Engineering, and Technology project, members of Gruene Kountry 4-H Club traveled to Johnson City on Wednesday, August 2nd to experience the Hill Country Science Mill.  

We were joined by several members of Bluebonnet 4-H Club for a fun, educational afternoon.  The Science Mill is full of hands-on science activities that kept us busy for hours!  We were able to see a pig's lungs inflate (one of our favorite exhibits), play a banana organ, feed giant tortoises, test how calm our brains are, watch a 3-D movie on flying dinosaurs, among MANY other things!  For more information on the Mill, please go to

Rabbit 4-H Club - Organizational Meeting

The 4-H Rabbit Club will have its organizational meeting on Tuesday, August 22nd at 7:00 p.m. in the Extension meeting room. Come learn all about the Rabbit Club!

State Fair of Texas Entries - Due August 15th!

State Fair of Texas entry forms are now posted on our web site! CLICK HERE to see the forms. Be sure all forms are completed, including Quality Counts number and W-9, and delivered to the Extension office with exact change or check payable to Comal 4-H Council. Entries are DUE AUGUST 15th. Just a reminder that the Extension office is open 8-12 and 1-5, Monday through Friday.

If you haven't take the Quality Counts test, click here to go to the test. You must designate 4-H, FFA or 4-H AND FFA.  A Quality Counts number is required for all major livestock show entries.

More about Quality Counts:

  • Exhibitors only need to be verified once as a junior and once again as a senior.  Junior is 8 and in the 3rd grade through 13 years of age as of the previous August 31st.  Senior is 14 years or older as of the previous August 31st.
  • How do I become verified?
    • Pass the online test with 80% correct answers (8 out of 10)
  • How many times can I take the test?
    • As many times as necessary to achieve an 80% score
  • What happens when I pass the test?
    • You are given a Quality Counts verification number and the online system allows you to print a personalized certificate.
  • What do I do with the Quality Counts verification number?
    • Hold on to the number and use it when asked for by stock shows as a part of entry requirement.
  • Can someone else use my number?
    • No.  The number is tied back to your name in the database available to stock shows, County Extension Agents and Ag Science Teachers.  When the number is entered into the system, only your name appears.
  • What happens if I forget/lose my number?
    • Take the test again and get another number.  You can become verified as often as needed. You can also check with the County Extension Office and see if we can help you with the number.
  • How do I learn the material needed to pass the test?
    • All of the material is available online at and from there you can also access the online teaching system “Texas Trail”.  The online version will take 2 hours to complete and can be done at more than one sitting.
  • Do I have to be “verified” to show?
    • Check your stock show rules.  Each show has different requirements regarding Quality Counts verification.  This includes deadlines for verification and whether or not you must be verified to participate. All major stock shows require a Quality Counts number (and you need to have the number by entry time).
  • Do I need a separate verification number for 4-H and FFA?
    • When you take the test, if you selected both FFA and 4-H as your affiliated organizations, one number is all that is needed.  If you are not sure what you selected, take the test again and select both organizations.  This will insure that both your Ag Science Teacher and Your County Extension Agent can see that you are verified.
  • Will Quality Counts Verification be needed for Breeding Entries?
    • Yes.  Quality Counts Verification will be needed for all Junior Livestock Show Entries at Major shows, including breeding animals.
  • What about Judging Teams?
    • No.  Quality Counts Verification is only needed on Junior “Livestock” Entries.  Contest not including an animal entry will not require verification.

National Healthy Living Summit

National Healthy Living Summit - Presley Wirebaugh

Presley Wirebaugh was selected as a Healthy Lifestyles Ambassador and completed the Texas Healthy Lifestyles Ambassador training held in Corpus Christi on July 20-21.  She is available to provide a program for 4-H clubs if any club managers would be interested.

Texas 4-H Shooting Sports Team Applications - Due 9-13-17

The Texas 4-H Shooting Sports Team applications are now open through 4-H Connect.  The information can be found at:

The deadline to apply will be September 13, 2017.  Individual 4-Hers that apply must have a letter of recommendation from their CEA OR their District 4-H specialist.  This will be done through a “Doodle Poll”.  I will send the link at a later date.  I have stressed to the applicants that they must ask the agent or specialist ahead of time. 

The Texas Team is chosen in October to represent our state at the National 4-H Shooting Sports Championships to be held in Grand Island Nebraska in June 2018.  There will be 9 discipline teams chosen: Air Pistol, Air Rifle, Smallbore Pistol, Smallbore Rifle, Compound Archery, Recurve Archery, Muzzleloading, Shotgun, and Hunting Skills.  

Congrats, Miranda and Layne!

Layne Horak got 1st in field, wand, modified 600, 3D and 4th in clout and took HOA in Intermediate NASP. Miranda Horak got 1st in field, wand, modified 600, 3D, clout and took HOA in Senior 2 NASP. 

Car Maintenance for Beginning Drivers

Parents, need your new drivers to know the basics of car maintenance? Don't have the patience to teach them yourself? 

Have them sign up to learn from CEA Troy Luepke. Learn how to change a tire, what to check weekly, things to look for before taking a trip, and more.

Come to this free session on Wednesday, July 26th from 9 am to 11 am at the Extension office.  RSVP by July 24th - a minimum of 5 participants are required. (We still need 2 more to sign up!)

4-H Sewing Camp - July 17-19

FCS Planning Meeting - Foods & Clothing Projects


Atascosa County Workshops!

Tech Team Applications - Through July 31st

Do you know of a 4-H member who is interested in joining the group that "Puts the 'Tech" in Texas 4-H"? The 2017-2018 Texas 4-H Technology Team information and application are now available online at:

Accepting Applications Until July 31, 2017

One Day 4-H - October 7th

One Day 4-H will celebrate 9 years of serving Texas on Saturday, October 7, 2017.  

For more information on how to make a difference in One day and to sign up your community service project, visit:

Texas 4-H Vet Science Youth Camp - July 31 - August 2

We are excited to announce that we will be holding a second Texas 4-H Veterinary Science Youth Camp this summer. The camp will be held in Canyon, Texas at West Texas A&M on July 31-August 2, 2017.

The goal of the Texas 4-H Veterinary Science Camp is to provide experiential learning opportunities for students participating in the Veterinary Science Certification Program (VSCP). Students will learn and practice clinical skills on large and small animals, while under the supervision of a veterinarian. Students may earn 33 of the 78 clinical skill hours required for the VSCP certification process.

• Cost: $150.00 (includes room, meals, materials, and more).
• Limited space available. (Preference will be given to students participating in an organized 4-H veterinary science program.)
• Sign up through 4-H CONNECT under 2017 Texas 4-H Roundup. (Sign up dates: July 17 – July 24, 2017 sign up will open at 8:00 am).
• Open to 4-H members 11−18 years old who has NOT attend a Vet Science camp.
• Drop off participants on Monday, July 31 and pick them up on Wednesday, August 2 after the skill-a-thon.
• Chaperones and transportation provided for all participants.

Please find attached the  camp flyer with additional information. Please feel free to contact me if you should have any questions.

Looking forward to another great Texas 4-H Veterinary Science Camp in Canyon.

Kenzy Hoffmann - Texas 4-H Ambassador Advocacy Academy

Kudos to Kenzy Hoffmann for completing and representing Comal County 4-H at the Texas 4-H  Ambassador Advocacy Academy July 5-7 in Austin.

Awards Program Tickets - Now Available!

Did you have perfect attendance in your 4-H club?
Did you turn in a recordbook?
Did you apply for a Gold, Silver or Bronze Star Award?
Did you attend a state or national event or competition?
Did you win a state 4-H scholarship or apply for the Comal County Junior Livestock Show Association or Extension Education Club Scholarships?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then YOU should plan to attend the annual Comal County 4-H Awards Program on Thursday, August 10th.

Tickets are on sale NOW at the very reasonable cost of $7 per person.

The Awards Program will begin with a BBQ dinner at 6:30 p.m. at the McKenna Events Center... and yes, everyone who attends must purchase a ticket, even if you don't plan to eat!

Tickets MUST BE PURCHASED BY AUGUST 3rd! Please bring a check (payable to Comal 4-H Council) or correct change. 

District Recordbook Results

(1st - 5th)
Name Category
Katelyn Gant Companion Animals 2nd
Samuel Hall SET 2nd
Layton Hemann Poultry 1st
Kendall Kreusler Swine 3rd
Wyatt Skrivanek Wildlife & Fisheries 2nd
William Thetford Goat Participation
Jacy Welch Horse 3rd
Peyton Wirebaugh Clothing & Textiles 1st
Dylan Wunderlich Natural Resources 1st
Rylee Wunderlich Sheep 1st

Name Category
Kylee Edwards Sheep 5th
Lane Golla Beef Participation
Nathanael Hall SET 2nd
Reagan Hoffmann Rabbit 3rd
Trey Hoffmann Goat 2nd
Layne Horak Shooting Sports 5th
Kasen Kreusler Swine 5th
Keene Kreusler Plant & Soil Science 1st
Mason Miner Poultry 1st
Peter Skrivanek Horse 2nd

Name Category
Madison Davis Swine Participation
Clay Elbel Horse 1st - GOING TO STATE!
Cody Elbel Shooting Sports 3rd
Kenzy Hoffmann Goat 1st - GOING TO STATE!
Camryn Stetter Clothing & Textiles 4th
Presley Wirebaugh Health 1st - GOING TO STATE!

Show Pig Shortcourse

Congratulations, Ryan!

Congratulations to Ryan Owens on being selected a Texas 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador for the upcoming 2017-2018 year. Way to go!

District Horse Show Results

Congratulations to the following Comal County 4-H'ers who participated in the District 10 4-H Horse Show in Uvalde June 13-14, 2017.

Class 1: Showmanship at Halter
1st - Peter Skrivanek on Color Me Ghost (Patches)

4th - Clayton Elbel on Self Employed Mister
7th - Makenzie Knipe on Mia

Class 3: Geldings 5 Years and Older
3rd - Clayton Elbel on Self Employed Mister

Class 5: Mares 4 Years and Younger
1st - Clayton Elbel on RJM This Moneys Wyzer

Class 6: Mares 5 Years and Older
1st - Makenzie Knipe on Mia
3rd - Madison Crowder on Katie

Class 7: Grand and Reserve Mare\
Grand Champion - Clayton Elbel
Reserve Grand - Makenzie Knipe

Class 10: Hunter Showmanship
3rd - Madison Crowder on Katie

8th - Clayton Elbel on Self Employed Mister

Class 11: Hunter Under Saddle
5th - Madison Crowder on Katie

2nd - Clayton Elbel on Self Employed Mister

Class 12: Hunt Seat Equitation
3rd - Madison Crowder on Katie

5th - Clayton Elbel on Self Employed Mister

Class 13: Hunt Seat Versatility
3rd - Madison Crowder on Katie

1st - Clayton Elbel on Self Employed Mister

Class 14: Western Pleasure
2nd - Clayton Elbel on Self Employed Mister

Class 15: Western Horsemanship
3rd - Clayton Elbel on Self Employed Mister

Class 16: Western Riding
2nd - Peter Skrivanek on Color Me Ghost (Patches)

3rd - Makenzie Knipe on Mia

Class 17: Stock Horse Horsemanship
4th - Peter Skrivanek on Color Me Ghost (Patches)

2nd - Bridget Martin on Great Smoken Kid
4th - Makenzie Knipe on Mia

Class 18: Trail
3rd - Madison Crowder on Katie
5th - Peter Skrivanek on Color Me Ghost (Patches)

5th - Clayton Elbel on Self Employed Mister
10th - Bridget Martin on Great Smoken Kid

Class 19: Pole Bending
6th - Clayton Elbel on Ima Tonka Toy

Class 20: Barrels
5th - Clayton Elbel on Ima Tonka Toy

Class 21: Stakes
8th - Clayton Elbel on Ima Tonka Toy

Class 23: 3 Year Old Futurity Pleasure Pattern (Phase 1)
2nd - Allison King on Shinin Del Ray

Class 25: 3 Year Old Futurity Reining Class (Phase 3)
1st - Allison King on Shinin Del Ray

Class 27: 3 Year Old Futurity Stock Horse Trail Class (Phase 2)
1st - Allison King on Shinin Del Ray

Nursery/Landscape Expo - August 10-12

The Texas 4-H Youth Development Program is excited to partner with the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association (TNLA)
on a career development opportunity for senior aged 4-H members across Texas.

The 2017 Nursery/Landscape Expo will be held in Dallas, Texas on August 10-12 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center and will feature a TNLA Student Rally on Thursday, August 10th from 8 am to 12 noon.  This complimentary high school and college conference will allow the youth to have VIP seating at the 8 am Keynote Session, followed at 10:30 am by a networking session featuring some of Texas’ leading Nursery and Landscape Professionals.  Admission also includes access to the Expo Trade Show which features hundreds of nursery and landscape companies and organizations from Texas and America.

This is a great opportunity for youth interested in education or careers in agronomy, horticulture, forestry, entomology, landscape design, agriculture
engineering, chemical engineering, and others to explore, talk, and discover the opportunities available in the nursery and landscape industry.

Registration deadline is July 21st and is free for Educators, Students, Media, and Children.
To attend register at:

(In the registration process you will indicate either educator or student and select the “Tradeshow Only Pass” option. 
Upon checkout, a promo code will be added and registration fee waived.)

County Recordbook Judging Results

Holly Bass - Swine - 3rd place
Helen Dudley - Swine - 2nd place
Micah Duke - Swine - 4th place
Wyatt Edwards - Sheep - 2nd place
Katelyn Gant - Companion Animals - 1st place
Samuel Hall - SET - 1st place
Layton Hemann - Poultry - 1st place
Axel Keller - Goat - 2nd place
Kendall Kreusler - Swine - 1st place
Brynnleigh Miller - Clothing & Textiles - 2nd place
Wynter Mosse - Horse - 2nd place
Florence Rosenthal - Companion Animals - 2nd place
Wyatt Skrivanek - Wildlife & Fisheries - 1st place
William Thetford - Goat - 1st place
Jacy Welch - Horse - 1st place
Peyton Wirebaugh - Clothing & Textiles - 1st place
Dylan Wunderlich - Natural Resources - 1st place
Rylee Wunderlich - Sheep - 1st place

Landry Davis - Swine - 2nd place
Kylee Edwards - Sheep - 1st place
Lane Golla - Beef - 1st place
Nathanael Hall - SET - 1st place
Ward Harrell - Goat - 2nd place
Reagan Hoffmann - Rabbit - 1st place
Trey Hoffmann - Goat - 1st place
Layne Horak - Shooting Sports - 1st place
Mason Keller - Goat - 3rd place
Kasen Kreusler - Swine - 1st place
Keene Kreusler - Plant & Soil Science - 1st place
Madison Migura - Poultry - 2nd place
Mason Miner - Poultry - 1st place
Peter Skrivanek - Horse - 1st place
Nahalie Stidhem - Clothing & Textiles - 1st place

Madison Davis - Swine - 1st place
Clay Elbel - Horse - 1st place
Cody Elbel - Shooting Sports - 1st place
Jacey Hall - Horse - 3rd place
McKenna Hall - Horse - 2nd place
Charles Harrell - Goat - 3rd place
John Harrell - Goat - 2nd place
Sam Harrell - Goat - 4th place
Kenzy Hoffmann - Goat - 1st place
Caitlyn Homewood - Shooting Sports - 2nd place
Makenzie Knipe - Horse - 5th place
Bridget Martin - Horse - 4th place
Ryan Owens - Sheep - 1st place
Camryn Stetter - Clothing & Textiles - 1st place
Presley Wirebaugh - Health - 1st place

Recordbooks can now be picked up - we're here 8-12 and 1-5, Monday through Friday. 1st place books go on to District competition and must be returned by Monday, July 10th.

Historians - Club Scrapbooks DUE AUGUST 1st!

Club Scrapbook Award
Each Comal County 4-H Club has the opportunity to enter a club scrapbook in this annual contest. Scrapbooks are compiled throughout the year and due at the end of the 4-H year, prior to the Awards Program. Scrapbooks are DUE August 1st in the Extension office.

Format must be one of the following:
- Traditional Scrapbook-printed photographs and memorabilia in a traditional scrapbook format - must be smaller than 13x17”
- Digital Scrapbook – use a digital scrapbook format; submit an electronic copy on flash drive or CD/DVD OR print the pages and submit hard copy of the scrapbook.
- PowerPoint Presentation – submit a PowerPoint presentation on a flash drive or CD.

State 4-H Roundup Results

State Photography Contest:
Helena MacCrossan - 1 Blue, 2 Reds, 1 White ribbon

Compound Aided - Ryan Owens - 20th
Compound Unaided - Helena MacCrossan - 2nd
Genesis (Seniors) - Miranda Horak - 5th, Maggie Lind - 6th
Genesis (Intermediates) - Layne Horak - 6th, Trey Hoffmann - 12th

Horse Quiz Bowl
4th place team: Ashley Fuqua, Bridget Martin, Clayton Elbel
10th place team: Camryn Stetter, Jacey Hall, McKenna Hall

Robotics Challenge (Intermediates):
1st place team: Elijah Harris, Nathanael Hall, Reagan Hoffmann

Food Challenge (Bread & Cereal):
8th place team: Camryn Stetter, Miranda Horak, Presley Wirebaugh

Horse Judging:
4th place team: Jacey Hall, Madison Oquin, McKenna Hall, Sarina Mims
8th place team: Carlye Lawrence, Emma Feldman, Kate Roach, Hannah Strahl

Invitational Meat Judging (Seniors): Bridget Martin - 16th

Invitational Meat Judging (Intermediates):
10th place team: Hannah Wittig, Trey Hoffmann
Layne Horak - 16th

Qualifying Meat Judging and ID:
5th place team: Barrett Kerr, Clayton Elbel, Cody Elbel, Kenzy Hoffmann

Range and Pasture Grass ID:
6th place team: Ashley Fuqua, Caitlyn Homewood, Helena MacCrossan

Range Evaluation:
Hayden Mathews - 2nd High Individual

Food Show:
Presley Wirebaugh - 1st place Fruits and Vegetables
Shelby Steinbach - 4th place Protein

Hippology (Seniors):
3rd place team: Ashley Fuqua, Bridget Martin, Jacey Hall, Clayton Elbel
8th place team: Cody Elbel, Camryn Stetter, Madison Oquin, Sierra Peirsol

Hippology (Intermediates):
Nathanael Hall - 16th

Invitational Poultry Judging (Seniors):
2nd High Point Individual - Helena MacCrossan
1st place team: Dalton Skarovsky, Helena MacCrossan, Maggie Lind

Share-the-Fun (Instrumental):
McKenna Hall - 5th place

Sheep & Goat Educational Presentation:
Kenzy Hoffmann - 3rd place

Wildlife Challenge (Seniors):
Hayden Mathews - 1st High Point Individual
1st place team: Grace Gambrell, Hayden Mathews

Wildlife Challenge (Intermediates):
Davis Mathews - 1st High Point Individual
Nahalie Stidhem - 2nd High Point Individual
1st place team: Davis Mathews, Nahalie Stidhem

Hippology and Horse Quiz Bowl at State Roundup

3rd place - off to Nationals! Jacey Hall, Bridget Martin, Clay Elbel, Ashley Fuqua

4th place - Bridget, Clay and Ashley

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Camryn Stetter, Jacey Hall, McKenna Hall