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If you have questions about the information posted below, send an email to the Comal County office of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service at or call (830) 620-3440. View the web site:

Blog Rules

Effective immediately, no more photos will be posted to the blog of 4-H members or winning teams. If the coach wants any photos or information posted, that coach needs to send in the photo and names of each child in the photo. We will no longer repost from anyone’s Facebook page. Same with sharing club info. If the club wants info shared on the county Facebook page, the written material and photo(s) must come into us via email to post.

Recordbook Training - May 15

Please note that there is a new format for the 2018-2019 4-H year.
Link to rules:

2019 Special Hearts Archery Shoot

Link to Volunteer Registration form:

Link to Participant Registration form:

Reminder--Comal 4-H Council Spring Fundraiser - Due April 26

Pre-Sale orders and money are due to the Extension office by April 26th.

Link to enter sales:


Texas 4-H Roundup Registration Information

General details about registration is below. Please see the link,, for full details.  

For convenience, the registration packet can be found at 

You may also bookmark the Texas 4-H Blogspot for important information as well.  

Deadline to submit volunteer screening application. As a reminder ALL chaperones and agents/extension employees must register for the event through 4-H CONNECT. 

Registration Timeline:
  • May 1 - May 17, 2019: $35 (or related fee based on registration type)
  • May 18 - May 21, 2019: Additional $50 Late Fee
  • May 22 - May 26, 2019: Additional $125 Late Fee
  • May 27 - June 6, 2019: Additional $250 Late Fee 
(1) Additional $5 charge will be accessed for those competing and also participating in LEAD Academy (9th-12th grade only)
(2) Those attending LEAD Academy (NOT competing) will have a separate registration in 4-H CONNECT. Cost of LEAD Academy is $40.00.
(3) AII contestants, scholarship recipients, chaperones, agents, extension employees, LEAD Academy attendees, or those participating in any other workshop opportunity MUST pre-register using 4-H CONNECT 

EVERYONE attending Texas 4-H Roundup must register (either pre-register on register on-site) and have a valid name badge on at all times. This is a requirement of the event for safety, liability and insurance purposes. In the event of an emergency, it is important for us to know who is at Roundup. 

Our Future 4-H Members (those 2nd grade and younger) that will be attending Texas 4-H Roundup with family members will have complimentary name badges provided to them at the on-site registration desk. Please be sure and pick one up for them to wear during the event. On the back of the badge is a place to write their name and emergency contact information should they be separated from you.

4-H CONNECT Pre-Registration


  • $ 35.00 for senior or intermediates (additional $5 for LEAD Academy)
  • $ 40.00 for LEAD Academy Only (separate registration in 4-H CONNECT)
  • $ 25.00 for full time adult registration
  • $ 15.00 for full time junior registration 

ONE-DAY REGISTRATION FOR TEXAS 4-H ROUNDUP (scholars/non-competitors)

  • $ 15.00 for one-day pre-registration (Senior, Intermediate and Adults)
  • $ 10.00 for one-day pre-registration (Junior - Educational Opportunities only 



  • $ 30.00 (Senior, Intermediate and Adults)
  • $ 20.00 (Junior)


  • $ 20.00 (Senior, Intermediate and Adults)
  • $ 10.00 (Junior) 

*On-site registration is NOT available for contestants (qualifying or invitational), scholars or those planning to participate in LEAD Academy and/or workshops. They must be pre-registered in 4-H CONNECT


Parking Permit Cost: $15.00/week long pass or $5/day

Parking passes must be purchased online and printed out in advance through Transportation Services beginning May 1.


Cost: $15.00 per shirt

Will be on sale through Marketplace. Shirts are available for PRESALE ONLY.

Livestock Judging Junior Team 3rd overall

Nolan Ellis
Macey Wunderlich
Brooklyn Howell


Bluebonnet seniors get their grad cords!


Kenzy Hoffmann
Barrett Kerr
Maggie Lind
Helena MacCrossan - absent

Bluebonnet Officers 2019-2020

President- Trey Hoffmann
VP 1st - Peyton Wirebaugh
VP2nd- William Thetford
VP3rd- Katie Gant
Secretary- Jack Skuletti
Tresaurer- Dalton Skarovsky
Historian- Meagan Skarovsky
Reporter- Mason Miner
Parliamentarian- Presley Wirebaugh
Health and Safety- Alexandra Topinka

Council Delegate- Katie Gant, Mason Miner, Meagan Skarvosky- President to appoint 1 more and 2 alternates to be announced  

Club Managers- Kristee Wirebaugh, Patty Hoffmann, Hank Thetford, Roben Gant, Tracie Skarvosky, Mystee Arnold

Callahan County Horse Show postponed

Due to the forecast of rain, we have decided to postpone the Horse Show. Please note that the date and location have both changed. 
DATE:                         May 18th, 2019


4-H Outdoor Challenge Registration

Registration will open on Monday, April 15, on 4-H Connect for the 2019 Texas 4-H Outdoor Challenge!  

As a reminder, registration is limited to the first 50 complete teams (100 youth).  Registration is scheduled to close May 19 but may close sooner if it fills.  Go to the 4-H Outdoor Education webpage to find complete information and rules for this event;

2019 4-H WHEP State Contest

The 2019 4-H Wildlife Habitat Education Project (WHEP) State Contest registration is currently open on 4-H Connect and will close on April 21st


2019 Summer Camp

Summer Camp Registration opens on Monday January 28th at 8am! We have a full schedule of summer camps and we can’t wait for June to get here!

CLUB MANAGERS 2019/2020 Reboot Training

Mandatory for 2 managers from each Comal County club – regular or spin – to attend. If your club does not send 2 adults, your club will not be chartered.


Tom Green County 4-H Whizbang - Saturday, May 4th, 2019

Hippology Contest

West Texas Invitational Hippology Contest will be open to both 4-H and FFA teams.  The contest will be held Saturday, May 4th at the San Angelo Fairgrounds. 

Registration information can be found on:  
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Cassady Pennington ( or Allison Bramblett (

23rd Annual Callahan County 4-H Rifle Fun Shoot

Kerr County 4-H Archery Buckle Blowout

Validation dates


June 17, 8 am – 12 pm

Comal County Fairgrounds

State Fair animals

June 24, 8 – 10 am

Comal County Fairgrounds

Horse Validation

Lone Wolf 4-H Archery Shoot May 11, 2019

Kerr County 4-H Skeet & Trap Shoot - June 7th - 9th



2019 - 2020 Comal 4-H Council Officer Election Results!

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 4-H Council Officers and District Delegates!

Council Officers
Chair:  Presley Wirebaugh
1st Vice: Trey Hoffmann
2nd Vice:  Reagan Hoffmann
3rd Vice:  Nahalie Stidhem
Secretary:  Dalton Skarovsky     
Treasurer: Layne Horak
Reporter: Dylan Wunderlich
Historian:  Peyton Wirebaugh
Parliamentarian: Kylee Edwards 
Community Service Coordinator: Sidney Coffin 

District Delegates  
Trey Hoffmann
Sidney Coffin
Ty Schaeferkoeter 

Alternate Delegates  
Kylee Edwards
Keene Kreusler 

Tractor Supply, Paper Clover - ends April 7

The Tractor Supply Co. 4-H Paper Clover Campaign is ending soon, April 7th to be exact! Download these resources today:
  • sample social media posts & graphics
  • advertisement
  • press release template
  • posters
Share them around your town, in your newsletters, and on your social media to promote the event in your area and help send 4-H kids to camp and other leadership opportunities!
Host an event at a TSC near you! Set up a table outside, help bag items, bake cookies to give in return for donations; get creative and tell those who are supporting 4-H "thank you".
Reach out to your local TSC today!

Texas 4-H Council information - due April 28

The Texas 4-H Council At-Large Delegate application is up and ready to accept applications.  The Texas 4-H Council membership information and the At-Large Delegate election process along with the requirements and other application instructions can be found at the Texas 4-H webpage -  Texas 4-H Council information, requirements, and application instructions are listed specifically under the Leadership & Citizenship project page, Leadership project and in the Texas 4-H Council section.  The application will actually be completed on 4HConnect and opened today.  Applications must be complete on 4HConnect with appropriate uploads by midnight April 28.