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Fayette County Wiz Bang

District 7 Shooting Sports Coach Training/Certification

Who is eligible? This training is open to any eligible potential coaches across the state.

Where is the training held?                  Texas 4-H Conference Center
5600 FM 3021
Brownwood, TX 76801

When will it be?    March 11-12, 2017
·        Events begin at 8:00am on March 11th
·        Tentatively, events end at noon on March 12th

How much does it cost?
·        Early bird (before Feb. 28th): $120
·        Late (March 1st-5th): $180
·        Lodging is available for an additional cost:
o   Hotel-style lodging: $80/night
o   Dormitory-style lodging: $24/night

Registration details:
·        Register via the Texas 4-H Center’s registration website:  (NOT 4-H Connect!!)
·        Registration will open February 1st and close March 5th
·        Registration includes meals and course materials
·        For questions about online registration and/or lodging, please contact the Texas 4-H Conference Center at 325-784-5482

Additional details:
·        Only one discipline certification (archery, pistol, rifle, or shotgun) is obtainable per participant at this training.
·        Tentative schedule, what to bring list, and release forms can be found on the 4-H Center website and will be sent to each participant in a confirmation e-mail.
·        Please Note:  Even though registration will be done through the 4-H Center Registration System, all participants still MUST have an ACTIVE Profile in 4-H Connect and have passed the Background Check PRIOR to participating in the training.  (This will be checked!- NO EXCEPTIONS)

Please note the different registration types and fees:

Adult Leader/Coach Candidate
Adult leader seeking training and Shooting Sports Coach certification. May also accompany an Assistant Coach Candidate (who is under the age of 18). MUST BE MINIMUM 21 YEARS OF AGE TO BECOME A CERTIFIED SHOOTING SPORTS COACH. - $120
Assistant Coach-Adult (age 18-20)
Adult Leader less than 21 years of age seeking certification as an Assistant Shooting Sports Coach. - $120
Assistant Coach-Youth (age 14-18)
Youth 4-H member seeking certification as an Assistant Shooting Sports Coach. Must be accompanied to training by a previously certified Shooting Sports Coach OR an Adult Leader/Extension Employee participating in this training. Must be 14 years of age or older by September 1 of current 4-H year. - $120
Extension Employee
Seeking training and Shooting Sports Coach certification. May also accompany an Assistant Coach Candidate (who is under the age of 18). MUST BE MINIMUM 21 YEARS OF AGE TO BECOME A CERTIFIED SHOOTING SPORTS COACH - No Charge
Previously Certified Coach-ONLY Accompanying a youth Assistant Coach Candidate (under the age of 18).
Seeking training and Shooting Sports Coach certification. May also accompany an Assistant Coach Candidate (who is under the age of 18). MUST BE MINIMUM 21 YEARS OF AGE TO BECOME A CERTIFIED SHOOTING SPORTS COACH-No Charge
Not seeking certification. Must be a previously certified Texas 4-H Shooting Sports Coach, AND must ONLY be participating in this training to accompany an Assistant Coach Candidate (who is under the age of 18). - No Charge

Saturday, March 11, 2017

8:00 a.m. -Participant Check In
9:00 a.m. - Discipline Trainings
12:00 noon - Catered Lunch
1:00 p.m. - Discipline Trainings
6:00 p.m. - Catered Supper
7:00 p.m. - Green Injection - An Orientation to the 4-H Program and Youth Development
9:00 p.m. -Discipline training will potentially continue on the Range or in the Classroom (individual disciplines will continue at various time frames depending on coverage of materials – be prepared to work into the evening)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

8:00 a.m. -Continue Discipline Trainings and Testing
12:00 noon -Depart for home

What to Take As a Training Participant:

Everyone attending should take the following:
·        3-ring binder (2" or larger recommended)
·        writing materials and extra paper for notes
·        highlighters if you use them for stressed points
·        eye protection (shooting glasses or goggles) – recommended for archery, mandatory for shotgun, rifle and pistol
·        ear protection (plugs or muffs) -mandatory for shotgun, rifle and pistol
·        comfortable outdoor clothing, including a cap or hat suitable for the prevailing weather and be prepared for inclement weather
·        sunscreen
·        range chairs if desired
·        snacks and drinks between meals if desired
·        open mind ready to learn and share

Shotgun discipline participants:
·        20 or 12 gauge shotgun, any action type
·        Ammunition pouch or vest
·        Ammunition

Archery discipline participants:
·        All shooting equipment will be provided at the training
·        Personal bows may be taken and used at the discretion of the Instructor
·        Bring a whistle

Rifle discipline participants
·        Bring a target rifle if you have one.
·        Instructor will have a few available
·        50 rounds of ammunition

Pistol discipline participants
·        Bring a small caliber pistol
·        Instructor will have a few available
·        50 rounds of ammunition

Henderson County 4-H Wiz Bang Buckle Shootout

Live Oak County Livestock judging Contest

Gruene Kountry - January Meeting

The Gruene Kountry 4H Club met on Sunday, January 8 at the Extension Office.

The Program was provided by Connie Sheppard. We learned about the history of canning, and what to do or not to do with food. We were all able to make our own pickled carrots. Visit the website for the National Center for Home Food Preservation to learn about doing things at home. 

There were 51 people (29 members, 19 adults, and 3  guests) in attendance. 

We started preparations for Duds To Dazzle, and many of our members are getting ready for chickens.  

Our next meeting is February 12 at 3pm.

Submitted by:

Brynnleigh Miller, reporter

Bulverde 4-H Club - January meeting

Bulverde 4-H Club met January 9th with 19 present (9 members, 8 parents/adults and 3 guests). Our program, presented by Kaitlynn Keil, was on Showing Rabbits. Kaitlynn showed us how to pick the right rabbits to show by height and weight, how much they should weigh, looking at their shoulders and rumps, finding the best 3 to show for meat pens.

Our community service project was making picture frames and bringing pictures of our animals that we have shown.

We talked about sewing and chicken projects.

Our next meeting is February 13th.

Submitted by: Addison Markle

Photography Community Service

Do you have a livestock project? A small animal or dog project? A horse project? A photography project? Looking for community service for your project? Well, here it is!

Bring a framed 8x10 photograph of your project to the Extension office by March 31st! We will be donating your animal pictures to local day cares and shelters. Please do not include humans in the pictures - only animals! Bring as many as you want, just be sure they are framed!

CCLS 4-H Club Change - January Meeting

CCLS 4-H Club will meet on TUESDAY, JANUARY 24th at 7:00 p.m. instead of their regular meeting (Monday, Jan. 16th). This is due to a conflict with the Kerrville Stock Show.

2017 Youth Homemaking & Art Fair

The rules and entry form for the March 3, 2017 Youth Homemaking and Art Fair are available on our web site!  Entries are due January 6, 2017 by 4:30 p.m. 

Click here for the rules and entry form! 

Vet Science - December 1 meeting

Meeting called to order by Sarina Mims at 7:10 P.M..

Members Present: 
22 Club Members, 8 Adults, 0 New Members & 1 Guest Speaker present

Reading of Agenda
Guest Speaker was Dr. Michael Doherty from Creek view Veterinary Clinic

Old Business:

New Business:
Sign up on http;//
SA Zoo Field Trip Dec 10th

Meeting Adjourned at 7:15 P.M.

Comal County 4-H Livestock Show Results

Senior– Karagen Dreibrodt
Intermediate – Kendall Goebel
Junior – Regan Dreibrodt
Emma Grace Nowotny      1st place/Champion American
Cody Elbel                         2nd place/Reserve Champion American
British Class 1
Clayton Elbel                    1st place
Reagan Dreibrodt             2nd place
British Class 2
Emma Grace Nowotny     1st place
Hunter Seidel                    2nd place
British Class 3
Cody Elbel                         1st place
Clayton Elbel                     2nd place
Champion British
Emma Grace Nowotny
Reserve British
Hunter Seidel 
European Class 1
Kendall Goebel                1st place
Hunter Seidel                   2nd place
Caitlyn Homewood        3rd place
European Class 2
Lane Aelvoet                   1st place
Lynette Aelvoet              2nd place
Colton Seidel                   3rd place
European Class 3
Lynette Aelvoet              1st place
Lane Aelvoet                   2nd place
Danyella Longoria          3rd place
Caitlyn Homewood        4th place
Champion European
Lynette Aelvoet
Reserve European
Lane Aelvoet   
Grand Champion Steer
Lynette Aelvoet
Reserve Grand Champion Steer
Lane Aelvoet
Heifer American
Karagen Dreibrodt          1st place
Mitchell Rhodes               2nd place
Reagan Dreibrodt            3rd place
Heifer British
Emma Grace Nowotny     1st place
Grand Champion Heifer
Karagen Dreibrodt
Reserve Grand Champion Heifer
 Emma Grace Nowotny

Senior – Kenzy Hoffmann
Intermediate – Hannah Wittig
Junior – Isabella Martin
Pee-Wee – Brooklyn Powell
JFF - Mr. Horak
Southdown Class 1
Kenzy Hoffmann              1st place/Reserve Breed Champion
Brenlea Broyles                2nd place
Presley Wirebaugh           3rd place
Peyton Wirebaugh            4th place
Allyson Scott                    5th place
Kimberly Scott                 6th place
Rylee Wunderlich            7th place
Southdown Class 2
Kylee Edwards                  1st place/Breed Champion
Madilyn Howell                 2nd place
Karson Neuse                    3rd place
Dylan Wunderlich            4th place
Hannah Wittig                   5th place
Madilyn Howell                 6th place
Fine wool
Kenzy Hoffmann              1st place/Breed Champion
Brenlea Broyles                2nd place/Reserve Breed Champion
Trey Hoffmann                 3rd place
Clayton Eckhardt              4th place
Fine wool Cross Class 1
Hannah Wittig                   1st place/Breed Champion
Kylee Edwards                  2nd place
Wyatt Edwards                 3rd place
Peyton Wirebaugh          4th place
Fine Wool Cross Class 2
Dylan Wunderlich            1st place/Reserve Breed Champion
Clayton Eckhardt              2nd place
Ryan Owens                       3rd place
Rylee Wunderlich            4th place
Medium Wool Class 1
Trey Hoffmann                 1st place
Isabella Martin                  2nd place
Kyndal Gray                        3rd place
Medium Wool Class 2
Miranda Horak                  1st place
Ryan Owens                       2nd place
Presley Wirebaugh          3rd place
Isabella Martin                  4th place
Medium Wool Class 3
Clayton Eckhardt              1st place/Breed Champion
Kaleigh Lawson                 2nd place/Reserve Breed Champion
Miranda Horak                  3rd place
Ryan Owens                       4th place
Ryan Owens                       5th place
Lexi Villarreal                     6th place

Grand Champion Lamb
Clayton Eckhardt
Reserve Grand Champion Lamb
Hannah Wittig

Senior – Clayton Eckhardt
Intermediate – Kolson Heffington
Junior – Jess Whitehead
Pee-Wee – Brooklyn Howell
Class 1
Edward Harrell                  1st place
Emily Watts                       2nd place
Jess Whitehead                   3rd place
Miranda Horak                  4th place
Layla Alvarez                      5th place
Class 2
Lauren White                     1st place
Miranda Horak                  2nd place
Jess Whitehead                   3rd place
Layne Horak                       4th place
Haley Eichman                   5th place
Kamryn Serna                    6th place
Division 1
Champion – Edward Harrell
Reserve Champion – Emily Watts
Class 3
Hannah Wittig                   1st place
Trey Hoffmann                 2nd place
Emily Watts                        3rd place
Mitchell Rhodes               4th place
Trace McNeel                    5th place
Trevor Rogers                    6th place
Skyler Wiley                       7th place
Dalton Skarovsky             8th place
Class 4
Clayton Eckhardt              1st place
Christian Villarreal            2nd place
Trey Hoffmann                  3rd place
Megan Skarovsky              4th place
Trevor Rogers                    5th place
Haley Eichman                   6th place
Division 2
Champion – Hannah Wittig
Reserve Champion – Clayton Eckhardt
Class 5
Kenzy Hoffmann              1st place
Kentyn Carley                    2nd place
Charles Harrell                   3rd place
William Thetford              4th place
Kingsley Minus                  5th place
Skyler Wiley                       6th place
Taylor Swanson                   7th place
Class 6
Kenzy Hoffmann             1st place
Kentyn Carley                  2nd place
Ryan Owens                     3rd place
Mitchell Rhodes               4th place
Lauren White                    5th place
Julian Guzman                  6th place
Skyler Wiley                     7th place
Mackenzie McNeel         8th place
Division 3
Champion – Kenzy Hoffmann
Reserve Champion – Kentyn Carley
Class 7
Charles Harrell                   1st place
Kolson Heffington             2nd place
Kentyn Carley                    3rd place
Cade Minus                        4th place
Trace McNeel                    5th place
Taylor Swanson                  6th place
Class 8
Kolson Heffington            1st place
Ryan Owens                       2nd place
Edward Harrell                  3rd place
Taylor Swanson                 4th place
Julian Guzman                   5th place
Division 4
Champion – Charles Harrell
Reserve Champion – Kolson Heffington
Grand Champion Goat
Edward Harrell
Reserve Grand Champion Goat
Charles Harrell

Best in Show
Kaitlynn Keil
Reserve Best in Show
Kaitlynn Keil
Best Californian
Kaitlynn Keil
Reserve Best Californian
Kaitlynn Keil
First Place Senior Buck
Caitlyn Homewood
First Place Intermediate Buck
Kaitlynn Keil
First Place Senior Doe
Kaitlynn Keil
Best New Zealand
Ella Pinkham
Reserve Best New Zealand
Skyler Dunivan
First Place Senior Buck
Gage Dunivan
First Place Junior Buck
Skyler Dunivan
First Place Junior Doe
Gage Dunivan
Best Champaign
Hunter Seidel
Reserve Best Champaign
Hunter Seidel
First Place Senior Buck
Hunter Seidel
First Place Intermediate Buck
Aubrey Kay
First Place Senior Doe
Hunter Seidel
Best Mini Rex
Emily Soucie
Reserve Best Mini Rex
Ethan Soucie
First Place Senior Buck
Ethan Soucie
First Place Senior Doe
Emily Soucie
Best Holland Lop
Kaitlynn Keil

Best Dutch
Kaitlynn Keil
Reserve Best Dutch
Gage Dunivan

First Place Junior Buck
Kaitlynn Keil
First Place Senior Doe
Gage Dunivan
Best Florida White
Colton Seidel
First Place Senior Buck
Colton Seidel
Best American Fuzzy Lop
McKenzie Dunivan
First Place Senior Doe
McKenzie Dunivan
Best Palomino
Remi Guzman
Reserve Best Palomino
Remi Guzman
First Place Doe
Remi Guzman

Duroc Class 1
James Hall                          1st
Nicholas Maxwell             2nd
Madison Davis                   3rd

Duroc Class 2
Kayla Wunderlich           1st
Cheyenne Barrett            2nd
Madison Chavis               3rd
Caleb Shook                      4th

Grand Champion Duroc – Kayla Wunderlich
Reserve Champion Duroc – James Hall
Hamp Class 1
Hunter Turner                   1st
Ella Wommack                  2nd
Kyle Campbell                  3rd
Atlee Homann                   4th

Hamp Class 2
Carlos Baltierra                  1st
Audrey Montgomery          2nd
Morgan Turner                    3rd
Colby Brown                      4th
Hamp Class 3
Cheyenne Barrett            1st
Blake Pellerin                  2nd
Madison Campbell          3rd
Isabel Gutierrez               4th
Kristopher Bayer              5th

Grand Champion Hamp – Cheyenne Barrett
Reserve Champion Hamp – Blake Pellerin

York Class 1
Morgan Turner                 1st
Kayla Wunderlich             2nd
Atlee Homann                   3rd
Hunter Turner                   4th
Mason Chavis                    5th
York Class 2
Madison Campbell          1st
Dakota Barrett                  2nd
Nicholas Maxwell             3rd
Colby Brown                     4th
Jake Gutierrez                   5th
York Class 3
Blake Pellerin                     1st
Robert Campbell                2nd
Kate Langley                      3rd
Burt Barnes                        4th
Kristopher Bayer                5th

Grand Champion York – Blake Pellerin
Reserve Champion York – Madison Campbell

Dark OPB Class 1
Rylee Wunderlich             1st
Blake Pellerin                    2nd
Atlee Homann                   3rd
Ella Wommack                   4th
Elyssa Campbell                5th
Dark OPB Class 2
Carlos Baltierra                  1st
Jena Rust                             2nd
James Hall                           3rd
Kynlee Aguilar                   4th
Landry Davis                       5th
Dark OPB Class 3
Nicholas Maxwell             1st
Dylan Wunderlich            2nd
Mason Chavis                    3rd
Holly Bass                            4th
Burt Barnes                        5th

Grand Champion Dark OPB – Carlos Baltierra
Reserve Champion Dark OPB – Nicholas Maxwell

White OPB Class 1
Kaylen Stindt                     1st
Nicholas Maxwell             2nd
Helen Dudley                     3rd
Helen Dudley                     4th
Jena Rust                             5th

Grand Champion White OPB – Kaylen Stindt
Reserve Champion White OPB – Nicholas Maxwell

Cross Class 1
McKenzie Stindt               1st
Morgan Turner                 2nd
Micah Duke                        3rd
Landry Davis                       4th
Nicholas Maxwell             5th
Alex Campbell                   6th 
Cross Class 2
Kayla Wunderlich             1st
Kynlee Aguilar                   2nd
Audrey Montgomery     3rd
Colton Stindt                      4th
Madison Campbell          5th
Atlee Homann                   6th
Caleb Shook                       7th
Madison Davis                   8th
Cross Class 3
Madison Campbell          1st
Dakota Barrett                  2nd
Isabel Gutierrez                                3rd
Colby Brown                      4th
Robert Campbell              5th
Robert Campbell              6th
Cross Class 4
Helen Dudley                     1st
Helen Dudley                     2nd
Colby Brown                      3rd
Nicholas Maxwell             4th
Kate Langley                      5th
Nicholas Maxwell             6th

Grand Champion Cross – Madison Campbell
Reserve Champion Cross – Kayla Wunderlich


Senior Showmanship – Colby Brown
Intermediate Showmanship – Hunter Turner
Junior Showmanship – Blake Pellerin
Pee Wee Showmanship – Cameron Aguilar