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If you have questions about the information posted below, send an email to the Comal County office of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service at or call (830) 620-3440. View the web site:

Validation Dates

Steer Validation
June 18 - 8 am to 12 noon - Comal County fairgrounds

State Fair Validation - any animals going to State Fair, including heifers
June 25 - 8 am ONLY - Comal County fairgrounds

Lamb & Goat Validation - TBA

Heifer Validation
October 23 - Canyon High School - Time TBA

Swine Validation
November 15 - 1 pm - 4 pm - Extension hog barn (with NBHS FFA)

4-H Robotics Camp - July 16-18

Fayette County Fair Food Challenge - August 2, 2018

If you need a better copy, contact

Broilers for 2019 Austin Stock Show - CHANGES!

There will be a change in ordering broilers for the 2019 Rodeo Austin Youth Market Livestock Show. Changes to show dates will result in the Austin show being held 2 weeks after the Houston show in March of 2019. In the past, exhibitors could enter broilers from the same hatch of chicks at both Houston and Austin shows. In 2019, this will NOT be allowed. Exhibitors who wish to participate in the Rodeo Austin market broiler show will need to purchase a separate set of chicks through A&M's Poultry Science Department.

The San Antonio, Houston and Austin youth market poultry shows will each be 2 weeks apart, requiring a separate order of chicks for each show. Ordering info will be posted on the Poultry Science web site at the end of August and orders will be due to the county Extension office in September.

The price of all chicks remains $1.50 per chick with a minimum order of 25 chicks per individual exhibitor or family. The maximum per individual or family remains 75 chicks.

The pickup dates will be announced in November 2018. However, exhibitors can expect to receive chicks approximately 6 weeks before each show date as this will allow the birds to be the proper age at show time.

25 chicks per show = $37.50
50 chicks per show = $75.00
75 chicks per show = $112.50

4-H Turkey Poults - Orders Due August 15th

Only birds purchased through the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Poultry Science office, are eligible to compete in the Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Comal County Junior Livestock Shows.

Turkeys must be purchased in multiples of 25 and the cost is $4.25 per poult.

25 turkeys = $106.25 (minimum number)
50 turkeys = $212.50
75 turkeys = $318.75 (maximum number)

Each exhibitor OR SIBLINGS WITHIN THE SAME HOUSEHOLD may order either 25, 50 or 75 turkeys.

Order and purchase your turkeys by August 15, 2018. You must bring exact change or a check made payable to Comal 4-H Council. We must have exhibitors' full legal names, even if ordering as a family unit.

The pick up date for turkeys has not been determined yet, but has been estimated to be the week of November 5-9, 2018.

Ordering turkeys does NOT give you an entry to the stock shows. You must enter livestock shows in early November - watch your email for dates and times!

Houston Livestock Show Info and CHANGES!

In an effort to continually improve upon the quality of our show presentation and experience for exhibitors, we are proposing a few schedule changes for the 2019 Show. The main reason for the changes is to better move ins and move outs for our junior shows. To make this happen, we are switching the days of the lamb/goat and poultry auctions, moving the time frame of the lamb/goat shows and the breeding heifer show up one day and moving the poultry show back one day. The new dates for each show are as follows:

Junior Market Lamb & Goat Show
March 5 - March 8
Move-in: Tuesday, March 5th
Show: Wednesday, March 6th - Thursday, March 7th
Auction: Friday, March 8th

Junior Breeding Beef Heifers
March 6 - March 9
Move-in: Wednesday, March 6th
Show: Thursday, March 7th - Saturday, March 9th
Scramble: Scramble heifer move-in on March 5th following lamb/goat move-in & show on March 6th during junior heifer move-in

Junior Market Poultry Show
March 7 - March 9
Broiler Move-in/Show: Thursday, March 7th
Turkey Move-in/Show: Friday, March 8th
Champion Drive: Friday, March 8th
Auction: Saturday, March 9th
(note: Poultry judging contest will take place on Wednesday, March 6th)
No significant changes were made to the other junior shows, the dates for these shows are as follows:

Junior Gilt Show
February 28 - March 1
Move-in: Thursday, February 28
Show: Friday, March 1

Junior Breeding Sheep Show
March 2 - March 4 Move-in: Saturday, March 2
Show: Monday, March 4

Junior Market Barrow Show
March 9 - March 15
Wave 1 Move-in: Saturday, March 9
Wave 1 Show: Sunday, March 10 - Monday, March 11
Wave 2 Move-in: Tuesday, March 12
Wave 2 Show: Wednesday, March 13 - Thursday, March 14
Auction: Friday, March 15

Junior Market Steer Show
March 11 - March 16
Move-in: Monday, March 11
Classify: Tuesday, March 12
Show: Wednesday, March 13 - Friday, March 15
Auction: Saturday, March 16
Scramble: Scramble steers move-in on March 11th & show on March 12th

Junior Dairy Heifer Show
March 15 - March 17
Move-in: Friday, March 15
Show: Sunday

State Fair Broilers - Due June 15th

Are you interested in showing broilers at the State Fair of Texas? The deadline to order and pay for your birds is June 15th. Birds must be ordered in increments of 25 and cost is $1.50 per chick. Minimum order is 25 birds, maximum is 75 per exhibitor or family. You can order for each exhibitor individually or for the family as a whole. At the time of order, you must tell us to order individually by exhibitor, or collectively, by family.

25 birds = $37.50
50 birds = $75.00
75 birds = $112.50

We must have EXACT CHANGE or a check made payable to Comal 4-H Council for your birds.

1) You will not be required to submit any health papers on these birds at the show.

2) This is a terminal show - you will not be taking your birds home!

3) Your order is NON-REFUNDABLE! If you order birds, you WILL accept them on the delivery date: Tuesday, August 21st. Additionally, someone may need to pick up the birds, as we will be short-staffed. A letter of authorization can be emailed to you for you to take with you to pick up the birds in College Station. You will need to check the birds' wing bands at pick up. Replacement birds will be provided if birds are found to be injured, deformed, dead or improperly wing banded. Birds will NOT be replaced for any other reason. 

4) Families may not split their orders between 4-H and FFA. (One child cannot order from 4-H and another child from FFA - you have to order the whole family's order through one organization.)

Please remember that you must also complete entry forms for the State Fair of Texas - estimated due date for State Fair entries will be August 15th. We will post the entries on our web site as soon as they are available. If you want to turn them in early, you can, but they are DUE Aug. 15.

Sporting Clay Shoot - May 19th

Recordbooks - due June 19th

Recordbooks are due to the Extension office by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 19th. Multi-County Recordbook Judging is scheduled to be held at the Guadalupe County Extension office on Friday, June 22nd.

Recordbook forms are available at the state 4-H web site:

Star Award applications are DUE WITH YOUR RECORDBOOK. Star Award interviews will take place at the Extension office on Wednesday, July 11th, beginning at 9 a.m.

Competitive Record Book Categories 
A 4-H member will choose one 4-H project for their Recordbook entry:

Agricultural Sciences 
Citizenship & Civic Education 
Clothing & Textiles 
Companion Animal 
Communication & Expressive Arts 
Consumer Education 
Family Life 
Food & Nutrition 
Gardening & Horticulture 
Natural Resources 
Personal Development 
Plant & Soil Science 
Public Speaking 
Recreation Science, 
Engineering & 
Shooting Sports 
Veterinary Science 
Wildlife & Fisheries

Recordbook Training with Victoria - May 24th

Those who submit a recordbook from the official categories will be recognized at the Awards Program in August.

Never done a recordbook? Have questions on how to start or finish your recordbook? 

Come to a recordbook training with County 4-H Agent Victoria Grissom on Thursday, May 24th at 6 p.m. in the Extension Meeting Room.

Bring a rough working copy of your recordbook with you - Victoria can offer suggestions for additions or improvements. Recordbook forms are on the state web site at:  Be sure to get the right age division forms for the school year you are completing - grades 3-5 (Juniors), grades 6-8 (Intermediates) and grades 9-12 (Seniors). Check out the Family Guide for more detailed information.

RSVP by May 22nd so we can have enough materials on hand. Email Janet at or call 830-620-3440 weekdays from 8 to 12 or 1 to 5. RSVP with how many will attend and a cell phone number, please.

4-H Awards Packet - DUE JUNE 19th

The 2017-2018 4-H Awards Packet is now available on our web site. CLICK HERE for the packet.

All applications for Gold, Silver, and Bronze Star awards, Special Awards (Meritorious Service, Honorary 4-H Member, Friend of 4-H and Alumni Award), and recordbooks are due on Tuesday, June 19th.

Please pay careful attention to the details on each application. 

Gold, Silver and Bronze Star Award interviews will take place beginning at 9 a.m. on July 11th. Be prepared to sign up for your interview when you drop off your recordbook!

4-H Fun Day - June 7th

We're looking for a couple of parents to hang out 
and help with the event. Please let Victoria ( know if you can help!

2018 District 10 4-H Leadership Lab - Deadline May 31st

The objective of Leadership Lab: is for delegates to bring back to the county what they have learned and train others in the county! If you go to Leadership Lab, plan to come home and teach others what you've learned!

Event Dates:  June 27-29, 2018

Where:  Texas 4-H Center, Brownwood

Cost: $200 per Youth (Cost includes all meals. DOES NOT include transportation to and from, or lunch on Wednesday and Friday. BE SURE TO EAT LUNCH BEFORE YOU ARRIVE!)

Who Attends? All District Council officers plus representatives from each county. All participants must be at least 13 years of age by the date of Leadership Lab. No graduating seniors, except current DISTRICT COUNCIL officers.

Registration: On 4-H Connect May 1-31, 2018. LATE REGISTRATION will be available June 1-4, 2018 ONLY, so please plan ahead. Payment is through 4-H Connect. Payment will not be processed until registration is accepted at the District level, at the close of registration.

Health & Release Forms: Every participant, youth, agent and adults will need to complete a Health and Release Form packet. Forms are available from the Extension office. Please turn in two copies of the original Health and Release Forms by June 4th to the Extension office. The original form will travel with you to Leadership Lab.

What to Bring:
- Toiletry items (soap, shampoo, etc.)
- Clothing
- Personal items
- For Recreation: swimsuit, sturdy shoes for active games, old tennis shoes, water shoes, some clothes that can get dirty/ruined.

What NOT to Bring:
- Ropes
- Roping dummies
- Fireworks
- Excessive food/drinks
- Gum
- Expensive jewelry

Dress Code: NO "Daisy Duke" shorts, halter tops, spaghetti string tops, shirts that show mid-riff, or clothing, caps, etc. that advertise alcohol, tobacco products or anything else that is not appropriate.

Theme: "Soaring High with 4-H"

Officer Elections: One of the major events of LAB will be the election of officers for the District 10 4-H Council. Council Officer Applications are due to the District Office by May 31, 2018 via online application the the District web site:

Voting Delegates: Each county may have up to 3 voting delegates.

2018 Market Poultry Workshop - May 19th

Parking for State 4-H Roundup

Archery at State 4-H Roundup

Remember, if you are going to register for the Archery contest at State 4-H Roundup, the deadline is Thursday May 17.

2018 CCJLS Points

The 2018 Point Values from our Youth Auction are listed below:

Broilers  $119.53
Goats     $230.16
Hogs      $237.06
Lambs    $233.73
Rabbits   $117.27
Steers    $426.07
Turkeys  $162.07

Texas 4-H First Tee Golf Challenge - 3 Person Scramble - July 16th

We are happy to be hosting the Texas 4-H First Tee Golf Challenge 3 person scramble Golf Tournament again in Kerrville on July 16th. Attached is the flyer and registration form. Registration deadline is July 9th.

Only 1 team member is required to be enrolled in 4-H. If you have individuals that would like to compete, they can be placed on a team at the event.

Questions about this event should be directed to the tournament coordinator, Carla Schuster. Her contact information is on the flyer. She will also provide the study guides upon request.

Please pass this information along to anyone that you think might be interested in participating.


Kerr 4-H Skeet & Trap Shoot - June 1-3

The early registration deadline for the 25th Annual Kerr 4-H Skeet & Trap Shoot to be held June 1-3 in Kerrville, TX has been extended to May 14th.

This shoot is a Whiz-Bang qualifier for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Whiz-Bang Finals.

Events include: International Trap, International Skeet, American Skeet, American Trap, Whiz Bang & Sporting Clays. Adults can also register to shoot sporting clays with their kids.

Moore Lamb and Goat Sale - Sonora - May 26th

Congratulations, Ashley and Bridget!

Congratulations to both Ashley Fuqua and Bridget Martin, who each will receive a Houston Livestock Show Scholarship at State 4-H Roundup in June! All those years of hard work paid off!

Gruene Kountry May Meeting

On May 6, 2018, Gruene Kountry held their officer election and end of the year party.  We had our business meeting/election then ate snow cones and had our annual snow ball fight.  For our community service we collected items for a gift basket to give away to some supporters of our club.

2018-2019 Gruene Kountry Club Officers
President:  Kylee Edwards
1VP: Michael Syamken
2VP: Lane Golla
3VP: Falon Cochran
Secretary: Kasen Kreusler
Treasurer: Allie Kelley
Historian: Paxtyn Cochran
Parliamentarian: Kendall Kreusler
Reporter: Kayleigh Kneupper
Council Delegates: Wyatt Edwards and Keene Kreusler
Alternate Delegates: Falon Cochran, Paxtyn Cochran, Kayleigh Kneupper, Kendall Kreusler

Club Managers:
Chad Edwards
Jill Kreusler
Susan Syamken

Submitted by Kasen Kreusler, reporter

National Roper's Supply Ranch Show Team - June 1st Deadline

The NRS (National Roper’s Supply) Ranch has developed an up and coming show team. We would like for you to invite your livestock showing 10th through 12th graders for the 2018-2019 school year to apply online at this link. Deadline to apply is June 1, 2018 with interviews to be conducted during June. Team will be finalized on July 6, 2018. Selected Show Team members must attend their team induction on July 21st.

Exciting things happening for our NRS Show Team members such as:
            Show Team Logo’ed apparel 
            Stat updates and show results on our webpage
            Interviews on webpage and social media of personal stories as well as product reviews
            Our vendors will be encouraged to also include our team members on their webpages & catalogs
            Opportunity to earn scholarships
            Opportunities to meet people in our industry
(Could lead them to more scholarships, interns, jobs, etc)
            Educational opportunities throughout the year
            Industry tours
            Free product samples
            Feed and Supply seasonal discounts at NRS Feed Store
            Some Show Apparel
            1 Show Team Sign to place near feet in all award photography & hanging on stall

Some Requirements to Know Up Front:
You will be asked to represent the Team to the best of your ability, be kind and respectful to all, show leadership skills, and have your animal in great health and fit to show.
Must attend 2 of 3 required events that we ask of you to attend. (Dates to be determined soon) 
                July 21, 2018 Show Team Induction
                     December 8-9, 2018 Sullivan Stock Show U
                     April (TBD), 2019- Show Team End of Year Ceremony
**There maybe events that we invite you to, but are not one of the mandatory events. **
Must have the Show Team Logo represented in all award photography and stall (We will provide logo signage)
Must keep us up to date on projects growth and show results
Must wear sponsor brands (Sponsor Names coming soon)
Must complete end of year questionnaire.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, but PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY. We are excited and looking forward to introducing the team on July 21, 2018.


Mrs. Amber Moenning
NRS, National Roper's Supply 
Show Team Manager
(940) 627-3949 x 7621
188 CR 4226   
Decatur, TX 76234

Vet Science April Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:01 by Emma

Meeting adjourned at 7:12

Members present: 11 club members, 3 adults, and one guest speaker

Reading of agenda: Guest speaker was Dr. Decola

Old business: none

New business: Officer elections, vet clinic visit on May 12th at 1 PM for public/private schoolers or vet clinic visit on May 17th at noon for homeschoolers

Submitted by: Yzabella Ahart, Reporter

Sheep Capital Lamp Camp - DEADLINE June 30, 2018

WHEP has a great year!

It was a great year for the Comal County WHEP team.  They won top team honors in every division at the State Fair of Texas, the Fort Worth Stock Show, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo and most recently at the State WHEP Contest in Tyler.  Members of these championship teams included Alice McManus, Florence Rosenthal, Joshua Rosenthal, Abby Craun, Jackson Craun, Gus Scotch, Gracie Joseph, Hayden Mathews, Marlys Baldwin, Grace Gambrell, Nahalie Stidhem, Hannah Kolb, and Davis Mathews. They are a well-rounded group; seven different Comal 4-H youth won high point individual honors at these events!  On April 28 and 29, the senior team of Grace, Nahalie, Hannah, and Davis earned the privilege of representing Texas at the National WHEP Contest in July. This year, nationals will be held in Maine at the Schoodic Institute in Acadia National Park.

District 10 Spring Roundup Contest Results

Soil Judging Contest
Intermediate High Point Individuals:
1st place - Dylan Wunderlich, 260 points
2nd place - Claire Schaeferkoeter, 210 points
3rd place - Jena Rust, 200 points
4th place - Isabella Martin, 150 points

Intermediate Teams:
1st place - Isabella Martin, Jena Rust, Claire Schaeferkoeter & Dylan Wunderlich - 820 points

Senior High Point Individuals:
1st place - Kayla Wunderlich, 316 points
2nd place - Ty Schaeferkoeter, 289 points

Meat Judging Contest
Senior High Point Individual:
1st place - Barrett Kerr, 742 points

Share-the-Fun Contest
2nd place - McKenna Hall, Phantom of the Opera, piano solo

District 10 Fashion Show
Junior Buying - Specialty/Formal
1st place - Alice McManus

Junior Construction - Dresses/Jumpers
3rd place - Madelyn Hall

Intermediate Buying - Dresses/Jumpers
1st place - Peyton Wirebaugh

Senior Construction - Everyday Living
1st place - Nahalie Stidhem

Senior Construction - Semi-Formal to Formal
2nd place - Camryn Stetter

Duds to Dazzle
1st place Junior Accessory/Jewelry:
Sherwood 4-H Juniors - Brooklyn Howell, Madison Kipp, Ella Rankin, Randi Reid, Rylee Wunderlich

1st place Junior Non-Wearable:
Fasty Crafty Sewers - Layla Alvarez, Berkley Bates, Allyson Scott, Kimberly Scott

1st place Intermediate Non-Wearable:
Comal County Intermediate - Brenlea Broyles, Elizabeth Haegelin, Madilyn Howell, Emily Rankin, Peyton Wirebaugh

3rd place Senior Accessory/Jewelry:
Scissor Sisters - Reagan Hoffmann, Jade Reynolds, Nahalie Stidhem

State 4-H Roundup!

Want information about State Roundup? Click here for the packet!

Bulverde 4-H Club - April Meeting

The monthly meeting of the Bulverde 4-H Club was held on April 16, 2018 in the Bulverde Spring Branch Library. There were 13 members and 6 adults present. We planned our May meeting and end of year party. It will be held at 4 p.m. on Friday, May 18 at the Twin Sisters Hills Ranch. Call or email Mrs. Hoffmann for directions and details at 210-867-7420 or

Our program and activity was led by Mrs. Hoffmann. She taught us how to make bird feeders out of plastic water or soda bottles, and then we each got to make one for ourselves.

Cody Stricker,


District Range and Pasture Grass ID and Range Evaluation Contests

Comal County 4-Hers competed in District competition last week on April 19 in Fredericksburg in the Range and Pasture Grass Identification Contest and the Range Evaluation Contest. Competitors were Kendall Kreusler, Weston Ackermann, Rylee Wunderlich, Kasen Kreusler, Reagan Ackermann, Owen Vollbrecht, Ray Allen Schaefer, Wyatt Edwards, Dylan Wunderlich, Hayden Mathews, Davis Mathews, Keene Kreusler, Kylee Edwards, and Helena MacCrossan.  The results are as follows:

Range and Pasture Grass Identification
Juniors: 1st Place Team (members are Kendall Kreusler, Weston Ackermann, and Rylee Wunderlich)
Intermediates: 1st Place Team (members are Kasen Kreusler, Reagan Ackermann, and Owen Vollbrecht)
Intermediates: 2nd Place Team (members are Ray Allen Schaefer, Wyatt Edwards, and Dylan Wunderlich)
Seniors: 1st Place Team (members are Hayden Mathews, Davis Mathews, Keene Kreusler, and Kylee Edwards)

Juniors: 1st High Point Individual: Kendall Kreusler
Juniors: 2nd High Point Individual: Weston Ackermann
Intermediates: 1st High Point Individual: Kasen Kreusler
Intermediates: 2nd High Point Individual: Reagan Ackermann
Intermediates: 3rd High Point Individual: Owen Vollbrecht
Intermediates: 5th High Point Individual: Ray Allen Schaefer
Seniors: 1st High Point Individual: Hayden Mathews
Seniors: 2nd High Point Individual: Davis Mathews
Seniors: 5th High Point Individual: Keene Kreusler

Range Evaluation:
Juniors: 2nd Place Team (members are Kendall Kreusler, Weston Ackermann, and Rylee Wunderlich)
Intermediates: 1st Place Team (members are Kasen Kreusler, Reagan Ackermann, and Owen Vollbrecht)
Intermediates: 3rd Place Team (members are Ray Allen Schaefer, Wyatt Edwards, and Dylan Wunderlich)
Seniors: 1st Place Team (members are Hayden Mathews, Davis Mathews, Keene Kreusler, and Kylee Edwards)

Juniors: 2nd High Point Individual: Weston Ackermann
Intermediates: 3rd High Point Individual: Kasen Kreusler
Intermediates: 4th High Point Individual: Ray Allen Schaefer
Intermediates: 5th High Point Individual: Reagan Ackermann
Seniors: 1st High Point Individual: Hayden Mathews
Seniors: 2nd High Point Individual: Davis Mathews

The Senior Team qualified for State 4-H Roundup in both contests, but has chosen to advance in the Range Evaluation Contest.

2018-2019 4-H Council Officers Elected

Congratulations to the following 4-H members who were elected to Council Officer positions for the 2018-2019 4-H year:

Chairman: Kenzy Hoffmann
1st Vice-Chairman: Helena MacCrossan
2nd Vice-Chairman: Presley Wirebaugh
3rd Vice-Chairman: Maggie Lind
Secretary: Gabby Perez
Treasurer: Barrett Kerr
Reporter: Reagan Hoffmann
Historian: Trey Hoffmann
Parliamentarian: Nathanael Hall
Community Service Coordinator: McKenna Hall
District Delegates: Presley Wirebaugh, Grace Gambrell, Sidney Coffin
Alternate District Delegates: Trey Hoffmann, Reagan Hoffmann

District Spring Roundup

CCLS Meeting - April 16

At our meeting we discussed the Haunted Barn/fall festival and the golf ball drop for this year's fundraising. Next year's Practice Show and possible dates were discussed. Plans were made for the end of year party. Thanks to Mrs. Nowotny for teaching us parliamentary procedure!

Officers were elected. They are:

President: Emma Grace Nowotny
1st Vice-President: Matthew Campbell
2nd Vice-President: Karagen Dreibrodt
Secretary: Landry Davis
Treasurer: Kynlee Aguilar
Reporter: Ashton Dicke
Historian: Everyone
Heath & Safety: Reagan Dreibrodt
Council Delegates: Micah Duke, Maggie Duke

Mathews brothers win big at Hackamore Ranch!

On Saturday, April 14, Hayden and Davis Mathews represented Comal County 4-H at the Hackamore Ranch Open Invitational in Thorndale.   In the senior division, Davis won top honors in the Range Evaluation contest earning a beautiful belt buckle and a $5,000 scholarship.  Hayden was the high point senior in the Plant Identification contest; he brought home another buckle and another $5,000 scholarship.  The brothers are picture here with Cody Fowler (left), award sponsor, and Barron Rector (right), contest organizer.  

District 10 Photography Contest Results

Congratulations to the following 4-H'ers:

Jack Skulteti: Animals-Domestic, Red Ribbon; Details & Macros, Red Ribbon

Mikey Skulteti: Animals-Domestic, Red Ribbon; Details & Macros, Red Ribbon; Dominant Color, Blue Ribbon

Camryn Stetter: Animals-Wildlife, Red Ribbon; Landscape & Nature, Blue Ribbon; Plant/Flora, Red Ribbon

Cody Stricker: Animals-Wildlife, Blue Ribbon; Landscape & Nature, Blue Ribbon - CATEGORY WINNER; Travel & Place, Blue Ribbon

To see all the photos, go to the appropriate link listed below (you might need to print the form to see the whole link - I will post the links on our web site at - click on the 4-H/Youth tab):

Close to Home Elects Officers

Close to Home held their meeting at Tye Preston Memorial Library at 2:30 PM on Thursday the 13th. We voted on a location for our end of the year party, and elected next year's officers. 

They are:

President: Nahalie Stidhem
1st Vice President: Davis Mathews
2nd Vice President: McKenna Hall
3rd Vice President: Jackson Craun
Treasurer: Allyson Reyna
Reporter: Samuel Hall
Parliamentarian- Nathanael Hall
Historian: Florence Rosenthal
Health & Safety: Abby Craun
Secretary: Madelyn Hall
Community Service Coordinator: Rebecca Tennison
Council Delegates: Elijah Harris, Aubrey Harris, Grace Gambrell, Nahalie Stidhem alter: Samuel Hall

Our club managers will be the same Rania Stidhem and Co managers Angie Mathews, Rebecca Craun & Kathy Kolb.

Gruene Kountry April Field Trip

Gruene Kountry went on a field trip to Klepac Greenhouses in Blanco TX on Sunday, April 8.  10 members, 3 guests, and 8 adults attended.

Mr. Jimmy Klepac, the owner of the nursery, gave the tour.  We learned the history of the business, how plants grow from a cutting to a full grown plant, and how they market them.  It was interesting to learn how/why plants are tricked into blooming by making the days seem longer or shorter and why some hydrangeas are blue and others are pink. We saw lots of different kinds of plants and got to take home a gerbera daisy with personal instructions on how to keep it alive.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday, May 6 from 3-4pm at Mission Valley Community Center.  We will have a party and our election.

Submitted by Kasen Kreusler, reporter 

Bluebonnet 4-H April Meeting

The Bluebonnet 4-H Club held its April meeting on 4-8-18 at the River Chase Club House from 3 to 5 pm. About 14 adults and 32 kids were in attendance. The meeting consisted of Opening procedures, Inspiration, Minutes read, Parliamentary tip, Ice Breaker and Health and Safety Tip. Old business was discussed about our Archery Project and Senior Graduation Cord approval for two of our members, Ryan Owens and Bryce Hill . No New Business.

We then held our elections for the 2018-19 year-

President: Maggie Lind
VP 1: Kenzy Hoffmann
VP2: Presley Wirebaugh
VP3: Peyton Wirebaugh
Secretary: Trey Hoffmann
Treasurer: Layne Horak
Historian: Annabelle Pence
Reporter: Layton Hemann
Parliamentarian: Helena MacCrossan
Health and Safety: Katie Gant
Council Delegates: Layne Horak, Maya Langendorf, Peyton Wirebaugh, Dalton Skarovsky
Alternate Delegates: yet to be appointed by president
Club Managers: Gerard MacCrossan, Kristee Wirebaugh, Patty Hoffmann, Hank Thetford

Announcements were made. Our Community Service Project was to draw Coloring page outlines that could be put into a book for children’s service organizations.  Our End of year party will be held at the River Chase Pavilion May 20 at 3pm.

Submitted by Trey Hoffmann, Reporter

Youth Agricultural Lifetime Leadership (YALL) Tour - July 15-18

We are busy planning our 4th Annual Youth Agricultural Lifetime Leadership (YALL) Tour in 2018. The tour has been a tremendous success the past three years with 70+ youth participating. We have decided to open the application up state-wide to give all 4-H members throughout Texas an opportunity to participate. This year’s tour will be July 15-20, 2018. We will be touring South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley area, providing youth the opportunity to witness agriculture production and issues related to agriculture production including everything from immigration to hurricanes to fever ticks.  

The tour will depart from the Kerr County Extension office in Kerrville on July 15th and return to the Kerr County Extension office on July 20th. The cost to the participants for the 6 days is $200 each with a $100 deposit submitted with the application. 4-H members who are high school sophomores through graduating seniors are eligible to apply. We are limited to 30 participants and will notify all applicants by July 2 by email as to if they have been selected.  

For more information and the application form, contact the Extension office.

Texas Farm Bureau's Youth Leadership Conference - June 11-15

Value-based leadership. Texas youth can expect the best in life by holding themselves to the highest standards.
Through Texas Farm Bureau’s Youth Leadership Conference, we emphasize patriotism, responsibility and leadership—keys to our proud past and a bright future. During the three-day conference, we encourage you take an honest look at your ideas, attributes and abilities. And applaud and inspire you along the way.
The 2018 Youth Leadership Conference will be held June 11-15.
Registration will be available beginning March 23, 2018 at 8:00 a.m.  Click here to register. 
Let us help you follow your dreams.

Close to Home Community Service

Close to Home had a blast doing this month’s community service project — walking dogs at the Canyon Lake Animal Shelter!

Congratulations, McKenna Hall!

McKenna Hall's State 4-H Roundup T-shirt design won! Congratulations, McKenna! Comal County 4-H is very proud of you!