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Hill Country Central's November 18th meeting

Hill Country Central met on November 18th with 14 in attendance. For the program, Payton Miner shared her experience at the Texas 4-H Ambassador Advocacy Academy she attended this past summer in Austin. She mentioned that this was a leadership course unlike anything else offered in the nation. While the first year of the Ambassador Program focused on mentoring families and applying animal/equine science knowledge, the Advocacy Academy focused more on building participants’ understanding of the importance of the political world surrounding agriculture, providing a global perspective of agriculture and endowing all of the participants with the tools to effectively educate others about agriculture and the legislative side of agriculture. She explained that the group met with agriculture lobbyists and advocacy groups, as well as State Representatives and other elected officials. They also learned about ethical considerations of raising livestock and horses for food and entertainment as well as ethical considerations of reproductive/growth technologies and GMO’s.

Bluebonnet 4-H Club - November 10th meeting

The Bluebonnet 4-H Club met on November 10th at the Hoffmann's house. Each year the members look forward to this meeting because of all the craft projects for the night.  All members participated in making hanging ornaments for the elderly at the nursing home and prepared a layered jar Apricot Bread Basket for the Top Ten Buyers gifts. After finishing all the projects a meeting was held.  Discussion of the county food show and food challenge events that were coming up, along with discussing a small Christmas gathering after our Christmas caroling at the next meeting.  Fun was had by all and we all look forward to our next meeting of caroling to the elderly.

Harrison Kimble, Reporter

4-H Council - November 12th Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Kimberly Phelan with 31 members present and 11 clubs represented. Gruene Kountry led the inspiration, Rabbit Club the motto, pledge and prayer.  The icebreaker was led by Shelby Steinbach.  The program topic was, the 4-H Equine Ambassador Program, presented by Grace Buschfort, Ashley Fuqua, Kaitlyn Smith and Payton Miner. Treasurer report by Ashley Fuqua and minutes read by Toni MacCrossan. A parliamentarian tip was given by Phillip Vineyard.  Summary of reports was given on  County wide activities, including: State Hippology Contest, Comal Promote 4-H Poster contest, Comal Fair, Dance , State fair of Texas, National 4-H week, One day 4-H, District 10 clean up, and the American Royal National Meats Judging Contest winning team. Committee reports for Council were given.   New Business lead discussions on Tractor supply bake sale, donation from graduate college at Texas State, 4-H t-shirts, and booth to be set up at SALE. Reminders for upcoming dates were discussed and recreation was led by Shelby Steinbach. The meeting was adjourned and refreshments served. Next Council activity will be Christmas tree decoration on December 3, 2014 at 4pm at Courthouse, followed by party at the extension office.

Submitted by: Kenzy Hoffmann, Comal County 4-H Council Reporter

Comal County Food Challenge Results

The Comal County 4-H Food Challenge was held Saturday, November 22nd at the Tye Preston Library in Sattler. The results follow:

1st place & Going to District - Sherwood Chefs (Sage Carter, Presley Cofield, Abby Permenter, Julia Smith)
2nd place & Going to District - The Noodle Ninjas (Sydney Baker, Hannah Polston, Cali Reynolds, Lauren Williams, Kyle Wing)
3rd place - The Fabulous Five (Samantha Borgfeld, Madison Migura, Raleigh Rahe, Reagan Rahe, Carolyn Stratemann)
4th place - Cooking Queens (Brooke Baker, Elena Naranjo, Lainey Moseley, Megan Skarovsky, Peyton Wirebaugh)
5th place - Recipe Wranglers (Rhea Carter, Claire Schaeferkoeter, Jess Whitehead, Wesley Whitehead, Whitney Whitehead)

1st place & Going to District - Pink Avocados (Kenzy Hoffmann, Mya Langendorf,Abby Neill, Sarah Syamken, Presley Wirebaugh)
2nd place & Going to District - Nutrition Avengers (Katie Acker, Cheyenne Barrett, Helena MacCrossan)
3rd place - Home Chefs (Caleb Carter, Aubrey Harris, Elijah Harris, Hannah Kolb, Nahalie Stidhem)
4th place - Good Food and a Dude (Reagan Hoffmann, Ryann McAnelly, Ty Schaeferkoeter, Sarah Thorpe, Lexi Vacek)
5th place - The Team from Green (Cassie De La Fuente, Clay Migura, Carlie Stratemann, Jillian Vollbrecht)

1st place & Going to District - Controlled Chaos (Zoe Lovelady, Bridget Martin, Kimberly Phelan, Kaitlyn Smith)
2nd place & Going to District - Charlie's Angels (Toni MacCrossan, Emily Noland, Shelby Steinbach, Dalton Winter)

Good luck to the 1st and 2nd place teams at District competition in December!

4-H Livestock Show Schedule - December 13

Show Objectives:
1.      To offer 4-H members an educational opportunity to show their animal projects in a   
       show ring.
2.      To offer showmanship and Quality Counts education for exhibitors.
3.      Offer feedback from professional judges on showmanship and animal.
4.      Encourage quality production of market animals.

The 4-H Livestock Show is Saturday, December 13th. Here's the schedule:

7:00 a.m.
Gates/Barns open
8:00 a.m.
CATTLE, GOATS, LAMBS, SWINE check in; weigh and classify your own animals; turn in weight/breed cards to Livestock Office
9:00 a.m.
DUE: Weight/breed cards for SWINE and LAMBS
10:00 a.m.
SHOW OPENS – All exhibitors to show ring for the Pledge, 4-H Pledge, Motto and Prayer
10:00 a.m.
DUE: Weight/breed cards for STEERS
10:15 a.m.
BREEDING RABBIT SHOW (Fancies and Meat Breeds)
11:00 a.m.
DUE: Weight cards for GOATS

Show Order:             RING A                                   RING B
                                SWINE                                     LAMBS
                                STEERS                                   GOATS

Rules and Guidelines are posted on our web site at: