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If you have questions about the information posted below, send an email to the Comal County office of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service at or call (830) 620-3440. View the web site:

Healthy Lifestyles Ambassadors

The Texas 4-H Youth Development Program is pleased to announce the release the application for the 2015 4-H Healthy Lifestyles Ambassador Program. The application is available on the 4-H healthy lifestyles program webpage and will be accepted until April 15, 2015. Youth selected to serve as an ambassador will be notified in early to mid-May.

The purpose of the 4-H Healthy Lifestyles Ambassadors is to promote the purpose and goals of the 4-H healthy lifestyles program, provide leadership to educational events through the implementation of healthy living programs, including Fuel Up To Play 60. More information about the ambassador program is included with the application.

4-H Google Calendar

4- H Council Officer Application for 2015-2016

You may be thinking, what's Council all about? Who can be on the Council Officer team? We are glad you asked! We are looking for outstanding 4-H members who want to promote 4-H, encourage others to actively participate in county-wide events, and so much more!

What's the purpose of Council? The purpose shall be to promote and encourage 4-H work and to coordinate 4-H activities that affect all clubs and/or members of Comal County.

Who's eligible to apply for an office? Officers shall be elected from current Council membership or anyone who has served as a Council Delegate for one (1) or more years after they were thirteen (13) years of age. Officers shall be selected from members who have submitted an application. Exception: If there is no application for an office, the Council may nominate from the floor.

1) Completed and signed application must be submitted to the Extension office by 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 1, 2015 in order to be considered for an office. Applications will be copied for Council members to review before elections start.

2) The application must be typed, and only the space provided may be used.

3) In order to run for office on April 8th, the applicant must be present (only acceptable exceptions are illness or family emergency - in that event, the Extension office must be contacted ASAP and arrangements should be made to have someone speak on the applicant's behalf.

4) Each applicant shall prepare a 30 second speech which will be given before elections start. Speeches will be timed.

For the application and a complete description of offices and duties, click here

Broilers Grow FAST!

Clover Kid Mason Chavis posing next to Comal County Show Broilers that are 
(L) 2 days old and (R) 6 weeks old!! 

What a difference 6 weeks makes!

Attention: 4-H Horse Exhibitors!

4-H Horse Project- It's time to validate your 4-H horse(s) on 4-H Connect!

2015 Horse Validation will open on 4-H Connect March 1 through May 1.
·         March 1 – April 15 - $10 per horse
·         April 16 – May 1 - $20 per horse

All horses must be validated or re-validated with payment each year, to be eligible to show at District and State 4-H Horse Shows. All barn boarders MUST validate their horses on 4-H Connect.

2015 State 4-H Horse Show
·         Rules, Regulations and Schedule are posted here or on Facebook at:


     2015 Summer Horsemanship School Program
·        Schedule (See below)
·        Information available at (Click on the State 4-H Horse Show link.) or
          Registration is still open.  Deposits are non-refundable, so please have counties contact me before registering, to make sure their chosen date will work in the schedule. 979-845-5264

June 1,2
June 4,5,6
Wichita Falls
June 12,13
June 19,20
June 26,27

Glen Rose
June 1,2
June 3,4
Bastrop (Lee)
June 8,9,10
Shady Shores
June 12,13
Marble Falls
June 22,23,24

June 1,2
June 3,4
June 12,13
June 29, 30, July 1