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Contests - Everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask!

4-H Contests – Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask!
4-H has many contests in which members can participate. We’re going to highlight contests here, but all of them – Individual and Team events) are on the state 4-H web site:

Share-the-Fun (Individual or Team of 1-9 Members)
Compete in one of the following categories: Choreographed Routines, Dramedy, Poetry/Prose, Vocal, Celebrate 4-H, Musical/Instrumental, Solo/Band. This competition encourages 4-H members to discover and develop their talents.

Consumer Decision Making (Team of 3-4 Members)
This contest includes 8 judging classes and 2 sets of oral reasons. Seven classes are selected from the study guide – the 8th class is a “mystery” class. Participants are given 7 minutes to place each class and 2 minutes to present each set of oral reasons.

Fashion Show (Individual)
Fashion Show provides opportunities for members to exhibit skills in application of knowledge of fibers and fabrics to wardrobe selection. You can make an outfit and enter the construction division or do comparison shopping and enter the buying division.

Fashion Storyboard (Individual)
Storyboard is an industry-inspired method of displaying original designs. Storyboards create vivid visual images that are interesting and appealing to viewers. The storyboard tells the story of the theme, which changes each year.

Duds to Dazzle (Team of 3-5 Members)
This is a contest that allows members the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills learned in the 4-H Clothing & Textiles Project. Contest focuses on making a viable product by recycling a textile that no longer serves its original purpose.

Food Show (Individual)
Food Show provides an opportunity for 4-H members to showcase their culinary, presentation and interview skills. Members compete in 1 of 4 food categories: protein, fruits & vegetables, grains and dairy. There is a theme each year.

Food Challenge (Team of 3-5 Members)
This is a contest that allows 4-H members to demonstrate their culinary knowledge and skills. From a set of ingredients provided, teams must develop a recipe and prepare the dish, then make a presentation to judges explaining prep, serving size, nutritional value and cost of the dish.

Nutrition Quiz Bowl (Team of 3-4 Members)
Contest helps participants increase their knowledge of basic nutrition, consumer info, food and kitchen safety, food prep skills and storage, and nutrition and health.

Ag Product ID Contest (Team of 3-4 Members)
This gives youth the opportunity to further their knowledge and skills when evaluating agriculture products grown in Texas in a contest setting.

Beef Quiz Bowl (Team of 3 of 4 Members)
This is an exciting, fast-paced opportunity for youth to display their knowledge of the beef industry and the science surrounding beef cattle.

Entomology ID  (Team of 3-4 Members)
Identify selected insects and complete a written examination on insects. Questions are selected primarily from study materials.

Horse Show (Individual)
Members use their own horses to compete in many different areas. There is a District and a State Horse Show each year.

Hippology (Team of 3-4 Members)
Primary objective is to provide the opportunity for youth to demonstrate the breadth of their knowledge and understanding of equine (horse) science and management, and the practical application of this knowledge and skill.  

Horse Judging (Team of 3-4 Members)
Judge 2-4 halter classes and 4-6 performance classes. Three or four sets of oral reasons are required – 1-2 halter and 2-3 performance. Halter classes are chosen from the following breeds: American Paint Horse, American Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, and Palomino. Performance classes are chosen from Trail, Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, Western Riding, Reining, Calf Roping, Showmanship at Halter, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation, Hunter Hack, and Stock Horse Pleasure.

Horse Quiz Bowl (team of 3-4 Members)
This contest will follow the rules and procedures listed in the Texas 4-H Quiz Bowl Guide. It’s a question and answer jeopardy-style contest, complete with buzzers. Topics are horse nutrition, genetics, reproduction, anatomy and conformation, horse history, management, breeds, showing rules, diseases, tack and equipment, and more. There are lots of study materials available.

Livestock Shows (Individual)
Members take their own livestock projects (lambs, goats, hogs, steers, heifers, rabbits, broilers, turkeys) to local, county and/or major livestock shows. Must follow validation rules as well as show rules.

Livestock Judging (Team of 3-4 Members)
Judge 8 classes (3 beef, 2 sheep, 2 swine, 1 goat), give oral reasons on 4 classes. No printed materials may be used as an aid during the contest. 

Meat Judging & ID (Team of 3-4 Members)
Meat judging and ID is the evaluation and selection of meat cuts from the beef, swine and sheep species.

Mohair Judging (Team of 3-4 Members)
Two classes of 4 fleeces each will be placed and reasons checked. Twenty mohair samples will be evaluated for fineness.

Wool Judging (Team of 3-4 Members)
Judge 2 classes of wool and complete an evaluation form on each. Evaluate 20 fleeces for grade, staple length and yield.

Range & Pasture Grass ID (Team of 3-4 Members)
Contest is held indoors. Contestant is provided a 50 grass contest score card with written grass name answers and characteristics marked. Contestants ID 50 live or mounted grass specimens from the master list.

Range Evaluation (Team of 3-4 Members)
This is an outdoor contest held in a suitable rangeland situation. Contest consists of 3 parts: Plant ID, Range Evaluation and Rangeland Health.  More info here

Soil Judging (Team of 3-4 Members)
Judge 4 soil profiles with 20 minutes allowed for each. Determine soil characteristics and make interpretations based on observation.

Wildlife Challenge (Individual or Team of 3-4 Members)
Covers materials found within 5 Natural Resources projects: Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP), the Hunting & Wildlife Discipline in Shooting Sports, Entomology, Forestry, and Sportfishing.

District Photography Contest
Stand-alone contest. You enter and upload your photos on 4-H Connect. State Photography Contest categories are used. They will be published when received.

State Photography Contest
Qualifying contest – you must enter at the county level and have your photograph selected to move on to State Contest. Enter and upload photos on 4-H Connect after selection. Best of Show photos are enlarged and displayed at State 4-H Roundup.

If you’re interested in one of these contests, please contact the Extension office for more information. All of these are available to 4-H’ers, but we may not currently have an adult leader for every contest. Watch your emails and the newsletter for more information!