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2020-2021 4-H Year

We are really excited for the new 4-H year to kick off September 1st and hope we can provide great experiences while keeping our 4-H families safe!

Our number 1 priority is and will always be to keep our youth and their families safe. With this new year comes new challenges and opportunities.

With that being said, we are navigating new territory and with everything new there is always a learning curve.

The extension office staff and club managers are working hard to develop plans for the fall that meet Texas 4-H/Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Guidelines and still provide great learning opportunities for our members.

Some clubs are working on plans for outdoor in-person meetings while others are navigating the waters of learning the world of virtual meetings. Please be patient with your club managers and extension staff while they work through these changes. Whether your club meets in person or virtually, there will be additional paperwork you will need to complete to attend meetings this year, make sure to follow club managers guidance and if you have any concerns make sure to reach out to us at the office so we can help clarify the current guidelines.

September may be a bumpy start to year but we’re hopeful for a fun and exciting year!