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2020 Federal Fall Youth Shotshell Program

Federal has launched a special Fall 2020 Shotshell Program –open Aug, 1st through Aug, 30th (to submit orders). Our Customer Service Team will input the orders as they receive them and we will be shipping all orders Sept 1st through Sept 30th. We encourage orders to be paid by credit card if possible and payment will be taken at the time of shipping. In order to expedite the ordering process please do not call in to provide the information unless requested to do so by a Federal representative. Order Forms, available products and ordering details are attached below.


*This is for ammo to be used in youth programs exclusively, and is not for resale.*

*Please note the 25 case minimum order restriction – you may mix/match products to get to the 25 case min.*


Reminders and Important Information to Review Before Submitting Your Order


1.     Order forms MUST be signed and dated certifying your age. If you submit your order without being completed our Customer Service Team will move onto the next order submitted to process so please complete the entire order including signatures in order to expedite processing. Please do not alter the order forms in any way, we must receive them completed and signed in order to process the order.


2.     We encourage orders to be paid by credit card. If you selected to pay via credit card our Customer Service Department will contact you to acquire the needed information to process your order.  Please allow them to contact you for payment when they are ready to process the order. Calling in early to give your information will only delay your order from being processed. We will take payment at the time of shipping so expect this to be in September.


3.     If your program is State Sales Tax Exempt you must submit the correct State Sales Tax Exemption paperwork declaring you program as tax exempt with your order.   (NOTE: your Federal 501C3 declaration letter is not the correct document.)


4.     Please do not post this program information publicly, it is exclusive to qualified youth programs only.