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2020 District 10 4-H Fall Roundup - In-person Contest Procedures

Please note that all items discussed in this post applies to the following contests: Entomology, Food Show, FCH Quiz Bowl, Horse Quiz Bowl and Livestock Quiz Bowl. 

  • All contests will be hosted at the Hill Country Youth Event Center (3785 TX-27, Kerrville, TX 78028). 
  • Masks will still be required for our events (unless a medical condition keeps them from wearing one). Participants will need to supply their own (but we will have extras on hand for those who need one). Further details for each contest provided below:
    • Youth participating in ENTOMOLOGY, will always be required to wear their masks while participating in the contest.
    • Youth participating in FOOD SHOW, will always be required to wear masks, except when they enter the judge’s area to complete their presentation/interview with the judges. They will be allowed to remove their mask at this time but must put it back on before leaving the judges area.
    • Youth participating (as well as coaches) in FCH, HORSE, and LIVESTOCK QUIZ BOWLS, will be required to wear masks, except when they are in the competition room. Upon entering the competition room, they can remove their mask and replace it with the face shield (that they will be provided with upon check-in), as they prepare to leave the competition room, they will need to put their mask back on and keep track of their face shield to use throughout the contest.
    • All participants will need to bring a signed “COVID Screening From” when checking in (link to form).

  • Those allowed in the building during the contests will be limited to the following ONLY:
    • Participants
    • Volunteers serving as judges (or in the case of Quiz Bowls, each team will still be allowed their one coach)
    • Agents assigned to the contest

***Everyone else will be asked to remain outside. This will help us to limit the number of people in and out of the building as well as maintain sanitation practices for the events.***

  • Awards ceremonies for all contests will be held virtually. We are still finalizing the plans on how those will be conducted, and those plans will be shared with everyone as soon as we can.

We know that this is not the way we normally would host contests, however, please remember that we want to ensure the safety of our 4-H members, volunteers, and employees. We are trying to do what is best for all participants while still providing these opportunities to our youth.