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If you have questions about the information posted below, send an email to the Comal County office of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service at or call (830) 620-3440. View the web site:

Meeting Guidelines

We received guidance today from the state office, this guidance applies to all groups and meetings through January 6, 2021. This “guidance” lists our county in the RED zone.  Basically it gives us guidance (mandate) on when we can host, sponsor or travel under the umbrella of Texas AgriLife Extension. Since the effects of the pandemic vary so widely from county to county, the state office of Texas AgriLife Extension Service will now be the ones sending guidelines out for the counties.

This includes:

  1. All 4-H meetings and events ( and parties),
  2. All Master Gardener events and work days.
  3. Master Naturalist events, activities, orientation or workdays. 

Effective Immediately until the new year- we are not to have any IN PERSON:

- any meetings regardless of the site (indoor/outdoor)

- no practices in person  (shooting, horse, or otherwise)

- workdays at any site

- no Christmas parties anywhere

- no trainings or orientations 

Our conference room and grounds will be closed to all except barn boarders and office visits. 

Please remember – this is a proactive approach to help keep all of us healthy. We all need to remember to wear face masks and practice proper hygiene to keep you and others safe. 

We DO have the means and ability to do everything but workdays virtually. Ask and we will help you with the technology. 

We are in the office, working, doing virtual programs, program planning for next year, answering phone calls, finishing year end reports, processing stock show entries….. 

Please contact any of us if you have questions or concerns at 830-620-3440.