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Important Information for CCJLSA 2021 Exhibitors

 Important Information for CCJLSA 2021 Exhibitors

The following are changes that will be implemented at our 2021 Youth Show and must be followed completely.

*Your ag teacher/county agent will be giving you a COVID Protocol form that you and your parent need to sign.  You will need to bring it with you to weigh in and turn it in.

*Masks must be worn at all times when you are in the barn.  This includes when you are in the show ring.  You may not take your mask off while you are showing.

*When you are checking into the show ring, you will be given a name tag with your entry number on it.  You must wear this while you are in the ring.  It will help the ring men write down the correct placing without having to get too close to the exhibitor.  If you have more than one entry, you will receive a new name tag for each animal.

*When you are finished showing, do NOT shake the judge’s hand.  Fist bump or elbow bump is appropriate for this year.

*This year dispositions will be taken at the photography table NOT THE LIVESTOCK OFFICE WINDOW.  You must take a photo with your animal before you leave the fairgrounds.

*All animals except for the Grand and Reserve Grand will be picked up by the floor buyer after the judging.  No animals will go across the auction block with the exception of Grand/Reserve Grand.  You will go onto the auction stage with just your ribbon, banner, buckle and/or trophy. A slide show will be set up and playing while the auction is going on.  The picture you took on the day you showed will be shown when you are on the stage.

*We will need students to help with the runners committee on the day of the auction.  Please check in at the office window and we will help you get to the runners table.

*CCJLSA will not be running the concession stand this year.  If you are a high school student and plan to apply for a CCJLSA scholarship, you must get your volunteer hours in somewhere during the show.  There are plenty of opportunities for you to get some volunteer time in. The poultry show is February 20, Lambs will set up and show on February 28, Goats will set up and show on March 1, Rabbits will set up and show on March 3, Hogs check in on the evening of March 3 and show on March 4, Steers check in on the evening of March 4 and show on March 5.  We will be setting up the auction ring and hospitality area on Friday evening.  You can check in at the livestock office window to find out where you can help.  Volunteer forms are also available in the livestock office.

*We need to limit the number of people that come to the show.  We are asking that you invite immediate family only.  We are setting up a livestream so others can watch the auction from home.  More information about that will be coming as soon as we have it confirmed. We know this is not the way you and your family planned but the pandemic has forced us to make changes in order to have a county show at all.

We appreciate your compliance with all these items.  We do not want to get the show cancelled completely so it will take all of us doing all we can to follow these guidelines!