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Rodeo Austin's Competitive Events Updates!









  • All heifers must have current health papers.
  • Heifer substitutions take place at check-in with a $50 fee. Please ensure the substituted heifer is validated.
  • Wave 2 heifers will NOT be allowed in the barn or tie outs during Wave 1. Wave 1 heifers will not be allowed to stay over for Wave 2. Failure to comply with these rules will result in disqualification. No exceptions.
  • Champion and Reserve Champion American heifers are required to hold over to Wave 2 to compete in the Overall Supreme Champion drive.



  • Barrow Show Weights: 250-290 pounds. Refer to Barrow Show rules on specific weigh back allowances.
  • Barrows classed out of Wave 1 will have the option to hold over for Wave 2.
  • Wave 1 Breed Champion and Reserve Champion Barrows are required to hold over to Wave 2 to compete in the Overall Grand Champion drive. These Barrows will be required to relocate pens.
  • Wave 2 Barrows will not be allowed in the barn or on the grounds during Wave 1.



  • Sheep will not be allowed to arrive with Goats. No exceptions.



  • Exhibitors that are placed in the Youth Auction will receive two wristbands valid for the date of the sale, March 27.



  • All classified species will be provided feedback.



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