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Texas 4-H Auxiliary Dog Show Entry Instructions

Dog Show Photography,  Non-Validated Dogs (Foster/Family Dog Program) and 4-H Dog Project Leaders will enter using the Auxiliary Texas Dog Show Registration.  It  has been open on 4-H CONNECT.  The show will be held at the Walker County Fairgrounds in Huntsville, Texas on July 10-11, 2020.   The deadline for registration is May 8, 2020. From May 9th -15th , late registration will be open for a $50 late fee. DO NOT wait until 4:55 on the last day to enter. It will be difficult for your County Extension Office to help you if you run into problems. 

If you didn’t validate a dog project, there are still a couple of ways you can participate in the 2020 Texas 4-H Dog Show. The Photography Contest and the Foster/Family Dog Program.  There is also an avenue for dog project leaders to register to help. 

To register you will go through 4-H CONNECT,


- Select your browser.  Most successful is Mozilla Firefox.  Most problems occur when Explorer is used.

- Go to the Register a Member In An Event box at the bottom of your 4-H CONNECT profile. 

- Once you select a member, look for 2020 Auxiliary Texas 4-H Dog Show in the event box.

            - Youth will see two options

                        Photography Contest Only - Select this if you only want to do Photography

Foster Family Dog - Select this one if you have a Foster Family Dog and Photography

- Adults will see an Adult Registration option where they can sign up to help.  This is specifically for our project leaders who do not have their own children participating in the show.  If a project leader has their own child participating in the show, they can do this process through that entry.

Texas 4-H Dog Show Photography Contest

The Photography Contest entries have 2 steps. 

            1.  Mark the categories you want to enter on the first list.

            2.  Upload your photos in the corresponding box below the initial list. 

Formatting your Photograph: Each photograph must be formatted in a jpg file to where it can be printed at 300 dots per inch (dpi) at a 3 inch X 5 inch size. File must not be over 1.5 MB in size to upload.

Labeling/Naming your Photograph: Each photograph will need to be clearly labeled with the name of the category,  4-H member’s last name, and first initial (see below for label name). For example: A 4-H member entering the Dog – Still Life category would label their photography as: Dog.Still Life_qtee.s (Dog.Still Life is the category file label name and qtee.s is the 4-H member’s last name and first initial).

Pass the word to your friends outside the project. They don’t have to own a dog to enter the photography contest. They will go through the 2020 Auxiliary Texas 4-H Dog Show event registration. Parents and Project Leaders can also register as adults for the show through Auxiliary registration.  The only selection for adults will be signing up to help with various tasks. Be sure to pass this information along to your project leaders.

Foster/ Family Dog Program -

            - You will enter the name, breed(s) and birth date of the dog you are entering

- Mark the event(s) for that dog. This registers you for the event and will open class selection in the next section.

- Scroll to the next section.  Here you will be given the option to select the specific class  in the event you entered. 

- Once you have selected the classes for this dog, you will enter any photos following the instructions above.

            -Scroll to the bottom of the page where three are buttons. 

- If you have another dog to enter, click “Save and Add New Entry”. With the new entry page pulled up, select the next dog and repeat the entry process. 

- At the end of the last dog, you will click  “Continue”. This will take you to a payout page with a list of the dogs you have entered and the total for each one. 

- At the end of the list, in blue, you will see “Edit Payment Information”. Please double check the payment information you have. The most common problem is credit cards that have expired.  DO NOT click 4-H/County Check unless you have specific information from your County Extension Office to do so.

Once you hit submit, it will first go to the county level, where your County Extension Agent or support staff will approve them. If you have made a mistake or need to make a change, contact them to kick it back for you to correct. The charge will not go through until the entry is approved at the State level.

 The rules are available at

Since the Foster/Family Dog Competition rules are included in this e-mail. In addition to fostering a dog, if you have recently adopted a dog or discovered 4-H this is an opportunity to get some show experience.

Foster/Family Dog Competition Rules

Dogs with home environment experience that are well mannered are more adoptable. Some families may not be able to make a long term commitment to dog ownership. In an effort to promote and encourage 4-H members to participate in this service learning project, the Foster/Family Dog program was developed. Patterned after other states programs, it offers the opportunity to showcase some of the community service projects 4-H members have been doing allowing more members to participate.

1. Subject to the Texas 4-H Dog Show Rules EXCEPT ownership/certification guidelines.

2. Handler and dog team is only eligible for the Foster/Family Dog program for one year. A dog that has been previously validated is not eligible for the Foster/Family Dog program.

3. Classes open to Foster/Family Dog include score sheet classes Costume, Tricks, Obedience, Rally and Canine Good Citizenship.

4. Foster/Family dogs will be awarded on the Danish System of Blue, Red and White ribbons.

5. An exhibitor that has previously shown at the Texas 4-H Dog Show may participate in the Foster/Family Dog Competition with a foster dog. However, they must show in Obedience and Rally classes befitting the dog/ handler team’s experience. No lower than Obedience Pre-Novice B or Rally Novice B.

For details of Costume, Tricks, Obedience and Rally, refer to those events in the rule book.